Tense Conversation in Moscow: Putin Kept His Promise to Sargsyan

  • Politics - 16 November 2017, 17:25
Yesterday Putin and Sargsyan met in Moscow for the opening of the Armenian cultural days in Russia. In his speech Putin said that the teams of the presidents of both countries are working towards implementation of agreements reached during the visit of the Armenian president to Moscow in March.

During the meeting on March 15 Putin said: “We know that our meeting is taking place against preparations for big domestic developments in Armenia. Parliamentary elections are expected in Armenia on April 2. The process of constitutional reforms is not an easy process of course. I believe that under your leadership Armenia will successfully pass this stage of development. Good luck to you!”

Both then and yesterday Serzh Sargsyan went to the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral and lit a candle.

However, there’s been a change in the “geography” of his visit. Ahead of his March 15 visit Sargsyan visited Brussels and even invited NATO Secretary General to Armenia. Now Serzh Sargsyan will visit Brussels after the Moscow visit to attend the EaP Summit.

Is this just a swap or is there a change in the situation?

What agreements were reached on March 15?

The specific message in Putin’s statement was the card blanche to Sargsyan ahead of the April 2 parliamentary election and the “difficult process” of transition of governance.

Economic relations and statistics were discussed in general terms though the data referred to by Sargsyan and Putin differed.

At the November 15 meeting Putin said that the teams of the presidents of both countries are working intensively to implement the agreements reached in Marsh. This is hardly about only the governance transition otherwise it is interesting to know what the Russian president’s team is doing in the domestic developments of Armenia. And other developments could be judged by the developments so far, such as the new Armenian-Russian defense agreements, the gas price, the 1-billion-dollar investment in energy and so on.

Putin has described the Armenian-Russian relations as true alliance and Serzh Sargsyan said these relations have reached a level of sincerity. One thing is clear – the Armenian-Russian relations have come closer to the moment of truth or rather gone beyond it which was inevitable. And perhaps therefore now the teams of the heads of states are working intensively on it.

Apparently, this explains the tenseness of Putin and Sargsyan in the photos of their meeting.