"Derelict" President Hurried to Meet with Serzh Sargsyan

  • Politics - 09 November 2017, 19:59
The president of Moldova Dodon has visited Armenia on the invitation of Serzh Sargsyan.

Dodon has been trying to lead Moldova to the Eurasian Union after his country signed the Association Agreement with the EU. Serious controversies occurred between the parliament, the government and president in the result of this.

Moldova is a parliamentary country where the president does not have many authorities. The parliamentary majority and the president are pro-Russian. However, the president does not control the majority and the president’s decisions simply are not implemented or are challenged by the parliament and government.

In addition, Dodon’s authorities are gradually cut. Since recently the power of appointing judges was taken away from the president and vested in the parliament.

Dodon has appeared in ridiculous situations for several times, particularly with regard to his relations with the Eurasian Economic Union and Russia.

In its turn, Armenia starts from the other side. It has joined the Eurasian Economic Union but is preparing to sign a framework agreement with the EU and for the transition to parliamentary governance.

Armenia will become a country which, being an EAEU member state, enters into an agreement with the EU.

Dodon is curious about this circumstance and he would like Moldova to start economic integration with the EAEU having political relations with Europe.

However, this dream will not come true, most probably. Moreover, Armenia will be gradually pushed out of the EAEU performing several functions there which are related to the Russian-Turkish-Azerbaijani issues in the result of which Russia will leave the South Caucasus. Will Sargsyan tell Dodon about this?