France Is Committed to Peace Settlement: Emmanuel Macron

  • Politics - 07 November 2017, 22:06
France is the friend of the Armenian people living in Armenia and in different parts of the world, the letter of the French President Emmanuel Macron to the Catholicos of the Great House of Kilikia Aram I states, the press office of the Catholicosate informed.

The French president wrote about the Armenian Genocide. One hundred years from the Armenian genocide the Near East lives in an atmosphere of violence and tyranny, the French president states, assuring that France remains committed to its posture and will continue to highlight the truth and the importance of guarding the collective memory in all countries of the world, including Turkey.

Macron underlined that France committed to a peace settlement of the Karabakh issue for the good of all the people in the region.

He reaffirmed the firm friendship between France and Lebanon, noting that Lebanon is an example of diversity and democracy where the Armenian community has its important role.

The president assures that France will continue to work with its allies towards peace in the Near East, maintaining ethnic and religious differences and identity. Macron expresses readiness to fight radicalism to protect communities suffering from ethnic and religious radicalism and violence.