Is Fast Food Expansion Safe for Ghanaians?

  • Politics - 30 October 2017, 13:02

In July 2017, the KFS fast-food chain opened its thirteenth restaurant in Ghana. The company keeps on expanding in Africa. Is it safe for Ghanaians?

Numerous fast food restaurants have been opening its restaurants in Africa recently. So, it has already become clear that all countries at the continent requite strict regulations to interfere with Big Food.

“As a dietitian, I immediately feel chills run down my spine as I hear about nutrient-poor, food like products rising to fame in Africa,” says Susan Levin, the director of nutrition education, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

The dietitian explains that for companies like KFC it is natural to only think of profits as they put on the market packaged foods and fried chicken. She also added that in the United States every 86 cents of every health care dollar is spent to treat chronic diseases. It is over $2.3 trillion yearly. Fast food has already led to the fact that one in three US citizens already has or is at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, which is known to be the most expensive diseases to treat on the planet.

As YEN Ghana managed to find out, moderation never works in the face of milkshakes, fried chicken, soda, and French fries, especially if these products are considered as luxury goods and infiltrated into popular food culture.

“Patients should always avoid them because we need caring lawmakers in such countries as Ghana to do the same,” Susan Levin concluded.