U.S. May Use Sanctions for Cooperation with Russian Producers of Weapons and Ammunition

  • Politics - 28 October 2017, 22:22
The United States may apply sanctions on buyers of Russian ammunition, the Voice of America informed.

The United States will start applying sanctions on 29 January 2018 against the companies and persons who will sign significant deals with companies and individuals forming part of the defense and intelligence sector in Russia. The spokesperson for the Department of State Heather Nauer said the U.S. executive has already made the list of companies and individuals which are part of Russia’s defense sector, and a deal with them will be liable to sanctions. Secretary Rex Tillerson has instructed the Department of State to draft a guidebook listing the entities or individuals, she said.

The draft list published by the New York Times includes over 30 companies, including Almaz Antey which produces rocket systems, Kalashnikov and Uralvagonzabod, as well as Sukhoi and Tupolev corporations which produce military jets.

Nauer said the complete list will be published soon, and for the time being it has been submitted to the Congress.

Earlier the Congress has adopted a bill under which the Department of State must regularly submit to the Congress the list of individuals related to Russian defense and intelligence. The citizens or companies of the United States and other countries may undergo sanctions for close cooperation with the listed companies and entities.

According to the bill, sanctions will not be applied to those individuals and companies which will make deals with the Russian companies for solely civilian purpose or purposes that will not contradict to the interests of the United States.

In reply to this, the Russian Federation has decided to demonstrate some ballistic rockets and banned imports of port from the United States to Russia.