Armenia Plans to Sign Agreement with EU in November: Sharmazanov Answered Hahn

  • Politics - 27 October 2017, 20:54
Armenia has announced at the top level that it plans to sign the Comprehensive and Enlarged Partnership Agreement with the European Union at the summit in Brussels in November, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly told reporters after the meeting of the Supreme Body of the Republican Party commenting on the statement by the Commissioner Johannes Hahn that the signing of the agreement with Armenia may be postponed.

“The president of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has stated clearly that we plan to sign the Agreement on Comprehensive and Enlarged Partnership,” Sharmazanov said, Armenpress informed.

In answer to the question whether the agreement will be signed in November or may be postponed, Sharmazanov said he is not the official who can state whether the agreement will be signed or not.

The deputy speaker of the parliament also said that there are controversial clauses in the agreement, underlining that Armenia would not sign the agreement that includes those clauses.