Were There No Preconditions? What Armenian Government Said One Year Ago

  • Politics - 17 October 2017, 23:57
Armenia has never put forth preconditions in the context of settlement of the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly Eduard Sharmazanov told Armenpress, commenting on the Sargsyan-Aliyev negotiations in Geneva.

According to him, this does not mean that the agreements reached by presidents in the presence of the co-chairing countries should be repetitively ignored. “It is even more impertinent to present those agreements as preconditions of the Armenian side,” Sharmazanov said.

On 28 April 2016 Sharmazanov told reporters after the meeting of the Supreme Body of the Republican Party that Serzh Sargsyan briefed them on the situation at the line of contact.

“Our stance is clear, Mr. President has mentioned regarding the Karabakh issue that three important steps are necessary to resume the process of negotiations. Step 1: introduction of confidence building measures, investigation mechanisms; step 2: addressed statements; and step 3: guarantees that Azerbaijan will not resort to aggression and terrorism against the people of Karabakh,” Sharmazanov said.

“Now I listed the three mandatory conditions for the resumption of the negotiations which the Armenian side puts forth,” he said.

The question is whether conditions and preconditions are different things.

Many people wonder on these days if Armenia has given up on its preconditions and agrees to negotiations. The lack of confidence occurred because the government says one thing one day and another thing on the next day and does not seem to feel to be accountable to the public.