Russia Will Support ByulByulogli in UNESCO Director -General Elections

  • Politics - 04 October 2017, 23:34
Elections to the director-general of UNESCO are coming up, and one of the candidates is the Azerbaijani ambassador in Russia Polad Byulbyulogli. The deputy foreign minister of Russia Genady Gatilov has announced that Russia will support Byulbyulogli. The number of candidates is 8.

It is interesting to know how Armenia will vote which usually follows Russia in votes in international organizations. Or will Armenia vote on its own in UNESCO?

Interestingly the name of the current director-general Irina Bokova is linked to Azerbaijan’s corruption scandals. The Bulgarian media reported that the posecutor’s office is prosecuting her husband Kalina Mitrev who is suspected of money laundering and tax avoidance. According to OCCRP, Mitrev has received 425,000 euro from the Azerbaijani company Avuar Co.

On September 5 OCCRP published the results of an investigation entitled “Azerbaijani Laundromat” according to which Azerbaijan has spent 2.5 billion euro to buy European officials. Note that Mehriban Aliyeva, the first lady in Azerbaijan, as a goodwill ambassador, supported Bokova as director-general when the European Center of Press and Media Freedom demanded stripping her of that title because Azerbaijan does not respect UNESCO values and goals.

In addition, Russia supports the candidate for UNESCO Director General who represents the country that destroys the cultural heritage of other nations, including the Armenians.