Shavarsh Kocharyan Revealed Two Preconditions for Negotiations

  • Politics - 29 September 2017, 00:20
There is no certainty about the time of the meeting of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan, the deputy minister of foreign affairs told reporters. “The foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan had a conversation on this. You know that there was an agreement on the visit of the co-chairs to the region, Yerevan and Baku. I think during these meetings the time of the meeting of the presidents will be clarified,” Kocharyan said, Armenpress reported.

In answer to the question on what new proposals the co-chairs have submitted, Shavarsh Kocharyan said: “What does new proposals mean? I can’t understand that well. It is the Madrid document. So far there has been one document which is the basis for negotiations. If there were other proposals during negotiations, it is another issue. Simply the situation after the April war is such that it is obvious for everyone that progress requires relevant environment. Progress is impossible without the participation of Artsakh in the negotiations, which the co-chairs have repetitively considered. There are two circumstances: confidence building which includes fulfilment of the agreements of Vienna and Saint Petersburg, participation of Artsakh in the negotiations. There is no other new thing.”

Answering the question whether the agreements of Vienna and Saint Petersburg have been forgotten, the deputy foreign minister of Armenia said: “I don’t know who has forgotten but the Armenian side and the co-chairs have not forgotten.” In answer to the remark that in their statement following the meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani ministers the co-chairs did not mention the agreements of Vienna and Saint Petersburg, Shavarsh Kocharyan said the top item on the agenda is to ensure the effectiveness of the negotiations. It is impossible to move forward without agreements. “I would like to remind that this issue did not come up after the April war. We have talked about it repetitively. The mechanisms for investigation was considered even after the truce signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Artsakh. What is an investigation mechanism? We keep saying that the co-chairs would not make specifically addressed statements. Of course, Azerbaijan has crossed the line, we can point out cases when the co-chairs made addressed statements but those were rare cases because the co-chairs do not have such a mandate. And the mechanism of investigations is a body that identifies the side which breaches the ceasefire.”