Azerbaijan Implemented April War with Partners in EAEU

  • Politics - 28 September 2017, 23:48
The Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs has started the discussion on the bill on leaving the Eurasian Economic Union.

Nicol Pashinyan, the head of Yelq parliamentary group which has initiated the bill on setting up an ad hoc committee to submit a conclusion to the National Assembly on initiating the process of terminating the treaty of the Eurasian Economic Union for the part of the Republic of Armenia listed justifications of why Armenia should leave the Eurasian Economic Union.

He noted that no public discussions were organized on the membership of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union, and as Serzh Sargsyan announced in Prague, the decision was made overnight.

“We need to return to the situation of that night and try to shed light on that night, what happened then,” Pashinyan said.

He announced that Armenia has nothing to do in the EEU and this membership has posed serious threats to the economy and security of the country.

“Over the past three years these assumptions were proved because over three years of its membership to the EAEU the GDP in Armenia decreased by 8%, unemployment increased by 13%, international reserves decreased by 40%, the public debt increased by 10%. The fact that after membership to the EAEU even trade with Russia decreased significantly is hidden or bypassed. I have the official numbers that prove this,” he said.

He also said that Armenia does not have serious levels of trade with member states.

Among political harms, Nicol Pashinyan mentioned that some member states have encroached upon the sovereignty and statehood of Armenia, as well as cynically interfered in Armenia’s domestic affairs.

“The security issue was continuously mentioned in the EAEU context,” he said. “Since its membership to the EAEU the Armenian side had serious territorial losses in the Karabakh conflict area. There is serious doubt that Azerbaijan discussed and implemented the April war together with EAEU partners. There are direct facts that some of our partners in the EAEU were hostile to us. Belarus and Kazakhstan have deeper relations with Azerbaijan than Armenia. And a deep analysis is needed to understand whose strategic partner Russia is and whose strategic partner Russia isn’t,” Pashinyan added.

He reminded that the president of Kazakhstan did not want to hold the meeting of the EAEU member states in Armenia, explaining that at a war situation it will be perceived as support to one of the sides. According to Pashinyan, the main purpose of the ad hoc committee proposed by them should be to discuss the following: does Armenia have prospects in the EAEU and does the EAEU have any prospects at all?