“Nobody is Giving Any Territories to Anyone: Kocharyan

  • Politics - 19 September 2017, 22:35
The deputy foreign minister of Armenia Shavarsh Kocharyan cannot understand the noise about the statement of the foreign minister Edward Nalbandyan on the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. During the 6th Armenia-Diaspora conference one of the participants asked Shavarsh Kocharyan to explain which territories Edward Nalbandyan meant which are not a threat to Artsakh.

“I don’t understand the noise. The minister has presented what has been published many times. In other words, the statements by the 3 co-chair countries where the elements of settlement proposed by the mediators have been revealed. First, he mentioned the April war, mentioned two things: the one that concerns the corridor which we knew already it existed, it was mentioned that the corridor should be such as to be secure and reliable, not accessible for any weapon. Second, if it is about territories, it must necessarily meet the condition that it does not endanger the multi-layer security of Artsakh. In other words, about what was stated yesterday, simply the bar was raised, two new conditions were added to the existing ones, that’s it,” Shavarsh Kocharyan said.

“Nobody is giving any territories to anyone,” Kocharyan underlined. “The package proposed by the mediators, the minister put forth the requirements to two elements. Why did this cause such noise? I can’t understand. Moreover, it is about the package. Let’s also remember that today we are at a stage when agreements were reached in Vienna, Saint Petersburg, and the essence of these agreements is there cannot be progress in the process of negotiations unless there is confidence between the sides. In other words, if they fire, provoke, there are no investigative mechanisms and so on. Moreover, as the minister also stated yesterday, there can be no progress without the participation of Artsakh. This is what has been said,” the deputy foreign minister said.