Alexander Lapshin Told About His Most Horrible Day in Azerbaijani Prison

  • Politics - 17 September 2017, 00:30
Alexander Lapshin posted on Facebook about his toughest day in the Azerbaijani prison, the torture and humilation he underwent, as well as the Azerbaijani lie about his suicide attempt, Armenpress informed.

Alexander Lapshin wrote: “If we leave aside what happened in the night of September 9, when I was beaten, and the Azerbaijani side staged my “suicide attempt” to have a formal reason for my pardon and to pretend being kind and compassionate people, on 3 April 2017 I went through real fear and disgust in the Azerbaijani prison. On April 3 in my prison cell in Baku I heard all night through exclamations “Allahu Akbar” from the other cells which sounds “Allahu Achbar” in Azerbaijani.”

Lapshin says the reason for the joy was the bloody terrorist attack in Saint Petersburg metro which killed 16 people.

“Although the Baku authorities keep denying the growing influence of radical Shiite Islam in their country, I would like to state that the Azerbaijani prisons are full of radical Islamists. In Azerbaijan there are many more Islamists at large, they are even in law enforcement agencies. I saw this with my eyes and I personally followed the Islamists, they were everywhere in prison and they could move around freely,” Lapshin said.