There's No Alternative to NATO and EU: Republicans

  • Politics - 12 September 2017, 22:26
The spokesperson for the Republican Party has repeated today that Armenia is unlikely to revise its membership to CSTO and the EAEU. It has been a month since the initiative by Yelq parliamentary group on leaving the Eurasian Economic Union, and he has announced every day that there is no alternative to these pro-Russian organizations, adding that the decision on membership was made based on national interests.

As one of the members of parliament of the Prosperous Armenia Party said, we all understand what has happened and what is happening.

The Republican Party also understands. Events and developments occur in the result of which Armenia will be left out of these organizations if these survive at all. The technology and process of Armenia’s estrangement is a separate topic, it is related to complex issues and will happen irrespective of what we want. They will not ask Armenia.

There is no need to ask Armenia, considering the nature of the so-called political and business “elites” which are not capable of becoming political partners. The best evidence is the process of membership to the pro-Russian blocs.

In brief, there is not much time, and soon Sharmazanov and the others will announce that there is no alternative to NATO and the EU. At that time, the question why Armenia joined the EAEU will become even more topical.