Armenia Hasn't Officially Confirmed Participation in Training in Georgia: Deputy Minister of Defense

  • Politics - 04 September 2017, 17:41
Armenia has not officially confirmed its participation in the military exercise in Georgia organized by Georgia and the United States. It had merely planned. The plan has been revised due to different factors, the deputy minister of defense Artak Zakaryan stated during a conference on September 4, Armenpress informed, answering the question why the Armenian side has not attended the exercise.

“The Armenian Ministry of Defense has not confirmed the participation of Armenia. We did not have an official agreement to participation. There may be revisions in any action, depending on the situation, the priorities of tasks of the military actions,” Zakaryan said.

According to him, the factor of not participating in the training because Azerbaijan participates is ruled out. It is a regular working process. No political motives. There was no obstacle to participation. “NATO has always been and will remain our partner. At the same time, we are a full member of CSTO, and our main security umbrella is in CSTO,” Zakaryan said.

According to him, there is nothing strange, there were no principal or fundamental changes. Everyone revises plans every now and then.