Azerbaijan Intends to Solve the Conflict With Use of Force

  • Politics - 04 September 2017, 17:27
Since the 1994 ceasefire the Azerbaijani side has consistently conducted an aggressive policy, pursuing one goal – return control over Nagorno-Karabakh, the deputy minister of defense Artak Zakaryan stated on September 4, during the conference entitled “Enemy’s political military tactics and what we need to do”. He noted that since 2013 Azerbaijan has continuously escalated the situation at the line of contact, as well as the state border with Armenia.

“The calls of the Armenian side to the international community to react to this issue have mostly been ignored. At the same time, Azerbaijan continues the policy of armament, enlarging the markets and variety of weapons, which indicates that by spending immense funds on arms it intends to resolve the conflict using force,” he said.

According to Artak Zakaryan, Armenia has adopted two-sided measures to contain the military actions and to end the enemy’s aggressive actions at the line of contact. “Unless there is serious breakthrough in the process of negotiations, we need to get used to repetitive clashes, their escalations at the line of contact. To deal with this, we have initiated actions to protect and defend military duty at the front line.”