Lukashenko: Radioactive Substances Were Found on Board the Place Flying from Armenia

  • Politics - 20 March 2017, 21:22
The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced during a discussion on the preparations for the joint exercise of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia that attempts are being made to cause tension inside the country, BELTA informed.

Lukashenko said that the strengthening of NATO’s presence in Europe worries him less than the attempts to cause tension inside Belarus. He said he means the “fifth column” which, according to Lukashenko, is funded by the Western foundations and special services.

The president of Belarus told about attempts to import weapons and other dangerous substances and objects to his country which were prevented at the border. He gave the example of an armed incident at the Belorussian-Ukrainian border, the incident with grenades in the West, as well as the detection of radioactive substances on the plane flying from Armenia to a European country via Belarus.

Lukashenko said this is evidence that they must be on the alert and allow for instability.