Gazprom Has Offered New Conditions for Georgia for Transit of Russian Gas

  • Politics - 11 January 2017, 14:41
Gazprom has offered Georgia new payment conditions for the transit of Russian gas to Armenia. The details will become known after the issue is discussed in the meeting of government, the Georgian minister of energy Kakha Kaladzeh told reporters, Armenpress informed. He had a meeting with Gazprom Export management on January 10 on the transit of Russian gas, the third meeting in the past month.

“Gazprom made an interesting proposal. I also want to say that this is the final proposal. The conversation was on shift to financial payment,” Kaladzeh said on Imedi TV. He noted that several earlier meetings with Gazprom did not produce any results because the positions of the sides were different. Kaladzeh described the latest proposal of the Russian company as interesting. “I think it is interesting. We will discuss it in the government and make a decision,” Kaladzeh said.

The term of the contract between Gazprom Export and Georgia concerning transit of natural gas via Armenia ended on January 1.

The payment for transit of gas supplied to Armenia was 10% of the total volume of Russian gas supplied to Armenia. The document was drafted in April 2016, three months after the expiration of the latest agreement. The negotiations lasted longer because Gazprom insists on paying money, not gas for transit.

Georgia has not bought Russian gas since 2007. The main supplier of gas to this country is Azerbaijan which agreed to increase the volume of supplies in March 2016.