Shavarsh Kocharyan: Negotiations on NK Conflict Settlement Frozen

  • Politics - 04 November 2016, 08:59
As of now, the negotiations for the settlement of the Karabakh conflict have been frozen, stated the deputy minister of foreign affairs Shavarsh Kocharyan during the discussion of the draft public budget 2017 at the National Assembly, answering the question of Republican Member of Parliament Gagik Minasyan.

“The negotiations for settlement have been frozen because you know that after the four-day April war agreements were reached during the meetings of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Vienna and Saint Petersburg which have not been brought into being yet due to Azerbaijan’s destructive policy. And the Armenian president had announced clearly that negotiations on settlement are impossible until the agreements are brought into being, until Azerbaijan takes practical steps towards maintaining the indefinite ceasefire agreement of 1994 and its commitments,” Kocharyan said, Armenpress informed.

Shavarsh Kocharyan added that after the four-day war the foci have changed. According to him, the Armenian side understands very well that Azerbaijan which does not observe its international commitments by violating the ceasefire, may give up on its commitments any time during the negotiations.

“If this country violates its international commitments now, it may do it at any stage of the negotiation process. A package solution of the conflict settlement is spoken about a lot but in order to achieve a package solution it is necessary to go through stages. Therefore, Azerbaijan may give up at any stage, such as its commitments assumed in the previous stages,” the deputy minister said.

According to the deputy minister, in order to resume the talks on settlement it is very important to bring into being the agreements of Vienna and Saint Petersburg and to have guarantees that the April case will not repeat.