Artashes Tumanyan: New Armenian-Iranian Gas Agreement Will Be Signed Soon

  • Politics - 21 October 2016, 23:18
The new Armenian-Iranian gas agreement will be signed in the nearest future, and Armenia will be able to buy gas from Iran and sell, to Georgia, for example, the Armenian ambassador to Iran Artashes Tumanyan told Radio Liberty, adding that there are no legal obstacles to the deal.

“I don’t want to speak more about a document that hasn’t been signed,” he said. “During the meeting of two ministers, upon the proposal of the Armenian side, upon the proposal of our minister of energy, then Mr. Yolyan, the Armenian side proposed during the meeting with their minister of oil to have an agreement on free sale of gas aside from the agreement between Yerevan TPP and their export company to supply gas and get electricity, which will allow purchase and transit of gas, and if there is such opportunity or need, there will be demand,” the ambassador said.

Tumanyan noted that the Iranian partner accepted the proposal, the documents are being prepared, the projects are being agreed now, and I think there will not be anything extraordinary, this document will be signed, and the two countries will have a gas sale agreement.