Lukashenko Uttered the Most Important Words

    • Politics - 16 October 2016, 10:48
The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko attending the CSTO Summit in Yerevan complained that he had been brought there to discuss micro issues. He said the issues discussed were not at the level of the president.

Lukashenko made an almost sacral statement. He said that nobody in the world recognizes CSTO. In other words, there is a military alliance which holds drills and does other things but the world does not recognize it.

What is hiding behind Lukashenko’s words? Ahead of the CSTO Summit in Yerevan this organization tried to get the UN peacekeeping mandate. Apparently, the UN did not agree to grant the mandate despite the loud statements of CSTO foreign ministers during the UN General Assembly.

Recognition is the key condition for the existence of the alliance. CSTO has not been recognized despite its 25 years of existence. Six American states, the parliament of Basques and several other organizations have recognized Karabakh. CSTO has not been recognized by anyone.

Lukashenko was dissatisfied because allegedly there was a hope to achieve two important backstage decisions on deployment of CSTO forces in Syria and maybe also Karabakh. However, the UN has not recognized CSTO, the alliance has not received a peacekeeping mandate, and the presidents attending the summit in Yerevan could not announce deployment of forces in Syria and Karabakh.

No statement was made on the threat of CSTO and UN missile defense systems to CSTO countries though earlier the assistant to Russia’s president had made such a statement. The CSTO Summit adopted the strategy of this organization but judging by the absence of official statements the members of the alliance did not agree to declare NATO and the United States rivals.

Lukashenko hinted at this by announcing that nobody in the world wants to recognize CSTO. After such behavior the man must at least marry.