CSTO's Scandalous Failure in Yerevan

  • Politics - 15 October 2016, 19:59
Yesterday several Eurasian events took place in Yerevan: the CSTO summit of leaders of member states and the session of the Security Council, as well as some Eurasian economic forum attended by high-ranking Russian officials and businessmen.

In general, these meetings demonstrated the void and absurd of the Eurasian organizations which are impossible to call alliances or blocs. Alliances or blocs have shared goals and objectives, the Eurasian organizations resemble the famous Russian fable where the controversies are so many that the carriage does not move forward, and the sides have nothing to offer each other except claims.

This circumstance was especially visible in Yerevan where not a single concluding statement was made, as is usually done. Moreover, some items on the agenda were actually cancelled, and the remaining issues on the agenda, according to Lukashenko, were not appropriate to the presidents.

In particular, the meeting states that the issue of affirmation of CSTO’s next secretary general is postponed till the meeting in Saint Petersburg at the end of the year. Earlier it had been stated that the next secretary general will represent Armenia.

Instead, the meeting was marked by some interesting events. Nazarbayev did not arrive in Yerevan, allegedly because he had flu. There was information that Putin’s plane had arrived in Armenia from Azerbaijan’s territory. Obviously, the presidents of CSTO member states, having arrived in Yerevan, were facing Baku not to offend Azerbaijan, and to downgrade the importance of the meeting in Yerevan instead.

In fact, the meeting in Yerevan passed with Azerbaijan’s “slogan”. At least, Azerbaijan has common interests with these countries.

In this sense, the CSTO meeting in Yerevan had a positive role. While similar meeting that are held in Russia or other member states at least look more or less solid, the meeting in Yerevan demonstrated the void of this organization because in Yerevan the leaders of CSTO countries could not cover up the state of things, at least for the part of Armenia.