Azerbaijan Has No Way to Influence the Situation

    • Politics - 08 October 2016, 18:27
Statements on Karabakh made at this stage are not only related to the Karabakh issue. The international processes are developing, said the director of ACNIS Manvel Sargsyan who, in an interview with, commented on the statement of the U.S. Secretary Kerry that there are no conditions for the settlement of the Karabakh issue, and the response of Russia and Azerbaijan that followed.

“In the last few weeks we noticed that problems reoccurred in Syria, and the relations between Russia and the United States are constantly escalated. The reason is not known, of course, but a new situation has occurred. It already reflects every specific problem. And the U.S. statement on lack of conditions for the settlement of the Karabakh issue is related to this. Definitely, on the one hand, there should have been reactions from the side of Russia, Azerbaijan saw deeper things in it,” Manvel Sargsyan said.

According to him, the United States expresses its opinion in the role of a judge, conveys to everyone that its opinion matters. And it is not accidental that Russia is trying in every way to play down on that statement, saying that it’s just a statement, and statements will not solve the issue.

“The Russians have realized that this was not just a statement, and the United States thereby tried to demonstrate to everyone who makes decisions. Therefore they responded and said that this is just a talk,” he said.

Manvel Sargsyan says the Americans simply issued a statement that there are no conditions for a settlement. Now each of the sides explains this in their own way. Azerbaijan has perceived this as pressure on them. They even say this was done for Azerbaijan to recognize Karabakh.

“The reality is what is created in this process. Nobody can say for sure why the United States expessed such an opinion,” Sargsyan said.

As to the growing tension on the border, Manvel Sargsyan finds that the only way of influencing the situation for Azerbaijan is to create tension at the border. A political situation has occurred after the April war that Azerbaijan is made to install surveillance mechanisms on the border.

“This country refuses, saying that it is meaningless, the situation is calm. Therefore, on the one hand, it fears escalation because the issue of investigation mechanisms rises again. On the other hand, Azerbaijan has no way to affect the situation. Therefore, half-done tensions are created to affect the stance of the international community,” Manvel Sargsyan says.