U.S. City of Denver Has Recognized Artsakh Independance

  • Politics - 07 October 2016, 23:24
Michael Hancock, the mayor of Denver City in Colorado, has officially declared 21 September 2016 Armenian Independence Day for two Armenian states, Armenia and Artsakh, Armenpress has learned from ANCA.

The head of ANCA West Coast Helen Asatryan thanked the Mayor of Denver and underlined that through recognizing Artsakh he raised awareness of human rights issues, particularly the anti-Armenian crimes committed by Azerbaijan in April 2016.

“Mayor Hancock’s celebration of the Armenian homeland and recognition of Artsakh’s ongoing struggle against aggression is a testament to the firm dedication of Armenian American grassroots in the Mile High City and the State of Colorado to raise awareness about human rights issues, including Azerbaijan’s April 2016 anti-Armenian war crimes,” remarked ANCA-WR Executive Director Elen Asatryan.

“We thank the Hancock administration for their unwavering support of universal human rights, including recognizing Artsakh’s independence and ongoing struggle to preserve its ancient Christian heritage and protect its freedom-loving indigenous Armenian population against an army that wipes out medieval monuments and tortures civilians and soldiers alike,” continued Asatryan.