Moscow Has Found Interesting Solution

  • Politics - 12 September 2016, 13:10
The Russian media informed that the Armenian Minister of Defense Seiran Ohanyan may be the next CSTO Secretary General. It is known that during the CSTO Board meeting in October the current secretary will leave office and will be replaced by the representative of Armenia. Now Seiran Ohanyan is said to be the next secretary.

In February of this year the ex-prime minister of Armenia was appointed chair of the college of the Eurasian Economic Union for a term of four years. If Seiran Ohanyan is appointed as CSTO Secretary General, Armenia will have two big bosses in the pro-Russian blocs, as Medvedev had told Tigran Sargsyan.

In the past few years Armenia has experienced a sudden change of its sentiment for Russia. It was triggered by the membership of Armenia to pro-Russian blocs and the Russian policy on Armenia.

Having joined the EEU, the Armenian government announced that this step is determined by economic preferences and security issues. Soon it became known that the EEU has set additional restrictions and complications in the economic sector, depriving Armenia of opportunities for economic development, and Armenia has become very vulnerable in the security area. Evidence to this was the April war which revealed that CSTO will not carry out its commitments of an ally. Moreover, it has limited Armenia’s opportunities in the defense sphere.

As a result, a specific attitude to Russia has formed in Armenia. Moscow is obviously dissatisfied with this situation and is trying to “correct” it. In addition, they have thought of an interesting manner. Tigran Sargsyan, then prime minister, who used to argue that the membership of Armenia to the EEU is not pertinent at least due to the lack of a common border was appointed as EEU leader.

The next head of CSTO is Seiran Ohanyan. During his leadership the Armenian armed forces defended the sovereignty of Armenia for a long time.

(Note that lately the limitation of sovereignty of the Armenian armed forces have started through the joint air defense system, the joint continent and other agreements.)

In other words, Moscow which is not going to change its policy on Armenia will thereby try to handle the dissatisfaction of the Armenians. Are you dissatisfied with the EEU or CSTO? Your Armenians are the bosses, tell them. And “our Armenians” holding those positions will naturally do their hardest to prove that “they are not Armenians” to avoid accusations of bias.

Moscow will thus shed responsibility on Armenians. The last thing to do is to appoint Nalbandyan whom the Armenians blame for serving Russia’s interests, and everything will be alright. For example, he could be the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia, considering that Nalbandyan has not even pretended to resist Russia’s plans.