The President's Explanation

    • Politics - 05 September 2016, 23:13
September 3 is a regular day but for the Armenians this day became a repetition of April 24 because Armenia set out to lose its sovereignty and statehood.

The Russians imposed their will on the Armenian president, and he gave up on the future of his country.

Then other times and events followed. Armenia entered into an anti-system of air defense which is under the control of the Russians but prior to that it became known that the new NATO program had been rejected. And this happened after the defeat in the April war.

Armenia has been looking for opportunities to get weapons for long and hard months while the Russians forbad it to buy weapons from NATO member states. How do those feel who are supposed to defend the homeland from a real and cunning enemy?

The population, as well as what is referred to as the Armenian society has not received an explanation of why the president of the country gave up on integration with the European Union, and afterwards with NATO. The reason seems clear but how can one realize betrayal of one’s own country and nevertheless push one’s country into a pigsty waiving the opportunities to protect themselves.

At any rate, it would be possible to explain because one way or another they will have to explain in the future. If the explanation takes place now, there will be no attenuating circumstances.

Is it possible that the Russians have not put any pressure, and the president simply decided that this step would lead to success? At any rate, not only the president but also his team is responsible.

How would other officials act if such a decision depended on them? What would Robert Kocharyan or the person who preceded him have done?

Future is not theirs, it belongs to others. What can we do?