Putin Will Have to Pay a High Price

    • Politics - 01 September 2016, 22:15
The mothers of five kids killed in Beslan went on protest today, wearing tees with “Putin Executioner Beslan”.

Beslan is Russia’s sacral pain, the pulse that measures the health of that country.

Beslan is the start of “early Putinism” in Russia. This is how the attempt at a criminal remake of Soviet rule in Russia is called.

That attempt started with Putin’s “triumph” over terrorism: Nord Ost, Beslan, Volgograd. Stability was declared a priority, Putin became its sole guarantor, and the ministry of emergency situations headed by Shoygu became the main government agency.

With high prices of oil and gas this system gave flowers and revived Russia’s imperial ambitions. Russia became the only country which annexed another country. It was also able to force some post-Soviet states to give up on their sovereignty and join the Eurasian Union.

Putin’s second “arrival” was marked by the appointment of the minister of emergency situations Sergey Shoygu as minister of defense. Thus, “emergency situations” were moved from the territory of Russia outside the country’s borders. Sergey Karaganov said in an interview with Spiegel that Russia will never ever fight in its territory. Either Putin thought that “stability” has been established in Russia, and it is time to go beyond its borders or the wars beyond the borders were needed to prevent the internal instability. However, one way or another, Putin will encounter people who do not watch TV.

Women with tees with the terrible statement will cost Putin expensive. Judging them with traditional methods, accusing them of cooperation with “Obama” and “Soros” will not be helpful. It will not be possible to accuse them of treason because these women have nothing in common with the Russian or the Soviet nation. They have lost their children who became victims of “early Putinism”.

It is time to answer. Putin’s preachers will have to invent another war to hide the snapshots with the terrible writing.