The First Sparrow or Russia's Blacklist in Armenia

  • Politics - 01 September 2016, 12:46
The head of Center for Globalization and Regional Studies Stepan Grigoryan has alarmed that he was not allowed to enter Russia. He was arrested by the Russian border guards at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. He travelled to Moscow to visit his father’s grave.

As a justification, they referred to the Federal Law on the Rules of Entry to the Russian Federation which mostly regulates different crimes and breaches by aliens.

“In my case Article 26 Para 9 mattered, deportation of aliens who participate in the activities of international organizations which are not welcome in the territory of Russia… Obviously, the decision of the Russian authorities has political motives,” Stepan Grigoryan announced.

Interestingly, this incident took place when the Russian citizen Mironov was arrested in Yerevan on the U.S. request whom the U.S. authorities suspect of violation of laws on trade in arms and money laundering. Mironov was eventually freed and he left for Moscow.

Russia has toughened its legislation relating to foreign organizations or cooperation with them. These organizations must either be registered as agents or stop their activities.

In fact, the internal and external policy and economic collapse in Russia encourages nationwide the spy mania which has several purposes, including excuses for failures. For example, when Mironov was arrested, the Russian media were flooded with news about the activation of U.S. spies in Armenia.

The case of Armenia is special, considering Russia’s policy and attitude to Armenia. Hence, in Armenia “Western spies” include not only the organizations that cooperate with Western organizations but also everyone who acts for the sovereignty of Armenia, a balanced foreign policy, overcoming the dependence on Russia.

In this respect, an interesting situation has occurred: those who support the sovereignty of Armenia are considered western agents or Russia’s opponents, “anti-Russian forces”. This is eloquent. Moscow confesses that it is against the sovereignty of Armenia.

The Armenian press regularly published information that the Russian embassy in Yerevan has blacklists which include the names of all personas non grata, both organizations and persons.

Apparently, Stepan Grigoryan was on that list.