Khurshudyan: Russia Wanted Bloodshed in Armenia

  • Politics - 26 August 2016, 19:05
Russia wanted bloodshed in Armenia in the result of the actions of Sasna Ts’rer, Hovsep Khurshudyan of Heritage Party told reporters today. He was set free a few days ago. He had been detaimed for participating in the demonstrations following the storming of the Police Patrol Service premises.

He noted that on the days of the storming of the Police Patrol Service regiment the Western partners of Armenia called the Armenian authorities to refrain from bloodshed, unlike Russia which made a clear statement that measures should be taken against them. According to Khurshudyan, the Kremlin even described Sasna Ts’rer, stating that steps should be taken against the “terrorists”.

“When the Western partners said this is a political process, there should not be bloodshed, the Russian side even criticized this statement. This is nonsense, there is no such a case in diplomatic practice. In other words, this was an indicator as what the attitude of different international actors to us is and who the supporter of the struggle of the Armenian people is and who the enemy is which is trying to make sure that Armenia does not get a crumb of sovereignty,” he said.

Khurshudyan says the dependence of Armenia on Russia is extremely dangerous for our security and domestic issues.

“We must succeed in consolidating the forces that are aware of this issue. If these issues are not able to consolidate and act in a unified front in the parliamentary elections, we will again have a parliament under Russia’s influence which will continue to support the anti-national activities of the Armenian government,” Khurshudyan said.