Scandal: Iran Has Kicked Russia Out

  • Politics - 23 August 2016, 12:51
Iran has announced to stop the use of the air base in Hamadan by Russia. It is known that the use of this base for shelling the territory of Syria was the main achievement of the presidents of Iran and Russia in Baku.

The Iranian defense minister Hossein Dehan stated that “it is not how gentlemen behave and was somewhat ostentation”. Russia wanted to demonstrate its power to have an argument in the negotiations with the United States, the minister said.

This is an unprecedented situation in politics, and Iran must have been furious to take such a step. Obviously, the reason is not only Russia’s ostentation. It is possible that the problem was Russia’s behavior in Syria where Russia wanted to render Kurds harmless together with Syria.

In Syria Kurds fight against the Islamic State. Though the Kurds have declared sovereignty in the north of Syria, they are not fighting against Assad’s troops.

Since the meeting of Putin and Erdogan in Saint Petersburg, as experts noticed, the Russian aircraft has been shelling the Kurds mainly. Turkey is also against the Kurds.

The Russians treat the Kurds no less “friendly” than the Armenians. At the stage when the relations between Russia and Turkey had been spoilt, Moscow started “caring” for Kurds. Even offices were set up in Moscow. However, as soon as Putin and Erdogan made friends, the Russians let the Kurds down and they are currently called “separatists”.

The Turkish and Azerbaijani experts state that the West has activated the Kurdish factor not only in Iraq and Syria but also in Turkey. Russia has apparently wished to use the agreement with Iran to support Turkey in the struggle against the Kurds. It is possible that Putin did not expect that Iran would simply kicked it out of the air base.