Russia Doesn't Impose Ready Solutions on Karabakh Conflict Sides

  • Politics - 06 August 2016, 11:36
Russia does not impose ready solutions on the sides of the Karabakh conflict, a balanced compromise between Armenia and Azerbaijan is needed in regard to this issue, the Russian President Putin told Azertac, the Azerbaijani state news agency.

“The sides should agree on their own, without external pressure, achieve mutually acceptable solutions, this is our firm belief,” Putin said.

According to him, to achieve a compromise means to find a balance between the principles of territorial integrity and the right to self-determination.

“We fully account for the responsibility on the shoulders of the heads of states of Azerbaijan and Armenia. The final purpose of the settlement should be an agreement in the result of which none of the sides can be a winner or a loser, the concessions must be mutual, the benefits for each of the sides should be clear for public opinion in Azerbaijan and Armenia,” the Russian president said.