Armenia Establishes State Company to Export Iranian Gas

  • Politics - 04 August 2016, 15:00
The government sets up Energainpex, a state-run company, which will buy, import gas from Iran and export gas.

“The decree is determined by the lack of any organization in Armenia which has the right to buy, import gas from other countries, namely Iran, and export electricity and gas as a transit country. The establishment of the company envisaged by the government decree will fill in this gap, and we will have an organization which will have and will exercise those rights,” the minister of energy and natural resources Levon Yolyan stated during the meeting of government today, Armenpress informed.

According to the justification, the establishment of the company will enable increasing the import of natural gas from the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, making the use of the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline more effective.

In the result of an agreement between Armenia and Iran, gas and electricity exchange is administered.

Earlier it had become known that Iran has signed a pilot agreement with one of Georgian buyers according to which in 2016 a small part of Iranian gas supplied to Armenia will be sent to Georgia via its territory, the Iranian minister of oil industry Bizhan Zanganeh briefed reporters on July 26, following his meeting with Levon Yolyan. According to him, Iran hopes that the pilot transaction of supplying gas to Georgia via Armenia will be implemented by next March.