Varuzhan Avetisyan: This is Fight Against Russian Colonization

  • Politics - 29 July 2016, 22:45
Sasna Ts’rer group has posted the message of Varuzhan Avetisyan who is inside the premises of the PPS regiment. “Today all the processes are directly governed from the outside. I am speaking about Russia. The process of containing the national liberation movement of the Armenian people and terminating us is not governed in Armenia. All this pressure is part of the Russian foreign governance. Obviously, today’s authorities in Armenia are their administrator in the field, silent and obedient, using the law enforcement agencies to take actions against our people, killing, injuring national heroes.

Not Serzh’s gang but their Kremlin sponsors have taken up the management of the actions against people. Let’s realize at last that this is a national liberation movement, this is not fight for government, this is a national liberation fight against colonization. Today there is no other country aside from Russia where they are against this liberation movement, chase, arrest. You will find Russian documents, documents of Russian Kazak regiments, medals in the drawers of the heads of the Police regiment. Is it a secret that this is Russian administration or has Zimbabwe seized our air defense from us? Or has Columbia seized our country’s strategic facilities? Or is England guarding our borders? Are these grounds insufficient to start a fight against colonization?”