Military Coup in Turkey

  • Politics - 16 July 2016, 00:58
F16 fighter jet of the Turkish air force downed the helicopter supporting the coup in the sky of Ankara, Reuters informed, referring to the Turkish NTV channel.

Helicopter fired at the building of the Special Forces of the Police in Ankara, killing 17 members of the special troops, NTV informed.

The Turkish parliament building is surrounded by tanks, Euronews informed. Euronews is restricted in Turkey.

Euronews informed that a military helicopter opens fire over the Turkish capital Ankara. TRT has been taken off air.

The military have taken control of the state-run TRT television and the Istanbul branch of the ruling AK party. informed that the Turkish military made a statement on the state TV saying that curfew has been declared across Turkey and that airports are closed. The announcer says they are being made to read a statement by the military.

The statement promises a new constitution for the country and says that democracy and the secular rule of law had been undermined. Martial law has also been imposed, it adds.”

The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to have been arrested but the Guardian reported that he is outside the country on holiday. The international airports of Ankara and Turkey are closed. The Chief of General Staff Hulusi Aqara has reportedly been arrested too. 

A military coup is underway in Turkey. The Turkish media informed that the chief of staff of the armed forces in the country announced they took the government of the country under their control.