Will Russia Continue to Supply Weapons to Azerbaijan?

  • Politics - 05 April 2016, 23:45
The Russian Federal Council has proposed to end supply of weapons to Azerbaijan, reminding that Russia has provided serious assistance in forming the Azerbaijani armed forces, including by way of supplying modern weapons.

“However, the way they are using those weapons is not good for us at all, and we have the right to tell them about it, to demand and push to some extent. Of course, Russia may stop the sale of weapons to Azerbaijan if the military escalation and the military conflict is not stopped, and in this case what is happening at the border with the deployment of the Azerbaijani armed forces is aggressive in nature, to say so,” The deputy chair of the Defense and Security Committee of the Russian Federal Council Franz Klintsevich told the Govorit Moskva Radio Station.

According to him, in this case heavy weapons, reactive systems, multiple fire was used. “At the same time, the sources reported that serious weapons – TOS-1 systems – have been used. This is a modern weapon with thermobaric ammunition, and it is usually used when a serious offensive operation is being planned,” Klintsevich said.

The Russian senator also added that the Russian president Vladimir Putin must bring up the issue of stopping supply of arms to Azerbaijan because it is a matter of complex agreements most of which are confidential.