What Have Armenians and Circassians Agreed?

  • Politics - 10 February 2014, 14:20
Two days ago a group of representatives of the Armenian and Circassian communities in the United States visited the memorial stone to the victims of the Armenian Genocide and laid flowers in memory of victims of genocide of two peoples.

Lragir.am talked to one of the participants of this action Edward Enfiajian, analyst at Geopolitical and Economic Institute of California, expert on the conflicts of the Caucasian and Black Sea regions. According to him, the genocide of Circassians is a sensitive issue for the Russians.

“Eight months ago a group of veterans living in the United States met with the representatives of the Circassian community and agreed to support each other,” he noted.

Two representatives of the Circassian community, the president of the World Circassian Congress Iyad Yugar and the head of the American Union of Circassians Ali Berkez met with the representatives of some Armenian organizations, including with Edward Enfiajian, the chairman of Hye Fund Bedros Hajian, veteran Vazgen Hovsepyan, Ashot Mirzoyan, Grigor Menejian.

The representatives of the two peoples agreed to recognize the genocides and fight for recognition together.

“Later on we decided to hold joint actions in the context of the common Caucasian home,” Enfiajian said.

He draws parallels between the destinies of Armenians and Circassians. Both underwent genocide, only 15-20% of both peoples live in this homeland, and 80% is the Diaspora.

The participants of the action expressed their fury with the treatment of Circassians in Russia as the Olympic town in Sochi was built in the place of a former Ubikh village while the Circassians were never mentioned. Besides, over 200 Circassian demonstrators were arrested.

The Circassians are also angered by the Turkish Prime Minister Rejep Tayyip Erdogan who said to support them but eventually supported Vladimir Putin.