• Politics - 19 June 2010, 21:07
The NKR Ministry of Defense made a statement on the attempt of Azerbaijan to intrude into the territory of NKR “On June 18, at 11.30 pm the special force squad of the Azerbaijani army crossed the line of contact between the Karabakh and Azerbaijani in the northeast and attacked one of the positions of the NKR defense army near the village Chaylu.
To neutralize the reconnaissance group of about twenty soldiers of the enemy, the NKR armed forces division of the abovementioned direction launched an operation in the result of which the Azerbaijani squad suffered losses and fled. The Karabakh side also suffered losses during the defense fight.
It is notable that this serious incident at the line of contact between the conflict parties perpetrated by Azerbaijan took place on the next day of the three-party meeting undertaken by the Russian president D. Medvedev, during which the president of Azerbaijan reiterated his commitment to a peace settlement of the conflict.
While referring to this and previous frequent diversions and violations of the cease-fire, the NKR Ministry of Defense finds it necessary to inform that the Azerbaijani side is attempting at destabilizing the situation at the line between the conflict forces, thereby questioning the fragile peace in the region.
The NKR Ministry of Defense reminds and warns Baku that every action of the Azerbaijani side which will threaten the security of NKR and cause destabilization at the line of contact will receive an adequate response.”