1. Russia Could Establish Its Military Presence if Azerbaijan Makes Territorial Gains
    Davit Shahnazaryan has published analysis on further development of the Karabakh conflict for Stratfor.
    10:31 19/08/2017
  2. This Is It: A Step Taken
    Armenia is an independent country with its interests and pursues solely its own interests, the deputy speaker of the National Assembly told reporters.
    12:40 18/08/2017
  3. Azerbaijan Demonstrated New Anti-tank Rockets
    The Azerbaijani border guard services held exercises in the Caspian Sea, demonstrating for the first time the Israeli LAHAT (SkyBow)anti-tank rockets which are launched from MI-17 helicopters, haqqin.az informed.
    00:33 18/08/2017
  4. 558 Deaths and 1293 Casualties in April 2016 War: Document on Azerbaijani Losses Published
    The political scientist Hrant Melik-Shahnazaryan has published a document on voskanapat.info which reveals new facts about the deaths and casualties of the Azerbaijani side in the four-day war of April 2016.
    18:03 17/08/2017
  5. Iran Wishes to Sign New Gas Agreement with Armenia
    Iran’s national gas company is considering the request of Armenia on increasing the supply of Iranian gas, the head of international relations of the company Behzad Babazadeh told theiranproject.com, news.am informed.
    00:11 16/08/2017
  6. Azerbaijan Got Unexpected Strike
    The Israeli media have published information about supplying drones to Azerbaijan and demonstrating them at the front line in Karabakh.
    15:57 15/08/2017
  7. Israel Also Got Into Trouble Due to Azerbaijan
    The Ministry of Defense of Israel has started an investigation into Azerbaijan’s request to Aeronautics Defense Systems.
    17:46 14/08/2017
  8. China Will Build Second Largest Embassy in Our Region
    China will build an embassy in Armenia which will be the second largest in the region after the Chinese embassy in Russia.
    12:12 13/08/2017
  9. So, What Became Clear in July?
    The border incident that took place a month ago was a unique starting point. It was followed by escalation.
    18:03 11/08/2017
  10. "Withdraw Snipers and Install Equipment": Ambassador Hoagland
    It is time for the sides of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh to take steps for building confidence, international mediators announce.
    13:36 11/08/2017