1. Lavrov Spoke About Increase of OSCE Observers in Karabakh
    The OSCE special representative is working on agreeing the criteria for increasing the number of observers of the office of the OSCE CiO Personal Representative.
    00:12 10/12/2017
  2. There's No Progress in Dialogue over Karabakh Issue: Lavrov
    The dialogue on the Karabakh issue did not report serious progress, the Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov said during a press conference in Vienna.
    21:16 08/12/2017
  3. Nalbandyan: Closure of OSCE Office Is Negative Precedent
    The Armenian foreign minister Eduard Nalbandyan stated during the 24th meeting of the council of foreign ministers of the participants of OSCE that the closure of the Yerevan office of OSCE is a negative precedent.
    21:34 07/12/2017
  4. EU Special Representative Discussed Karabakh Issue with Ilham Aliyev
    The Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev has met with the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia Toivo Klaar.
    23:21 04/12/2017
  5. 5 Million Prostitutes and Enemy
    Maxim Shevchenko has published a video excusing his statements on the state Russian television when he called Armenians enemies and Karabakh part of Azerbaijan.
    23:14 04/12/2017
  6. Court Case Against Turkish Citizens for Visit to Artsakh Exposes Turkey: Cetinoglu
    Turkey has met the request of the Azerbaijani prosecutor general’s office to launch an investigation on the visit of four Turkish citizens to Artsakh.
    22:55 03/12/2017
  7. Some of Steps Listed in EU-Armenia Agreement Will Be Implemented Soon: Switalski
    The EU-Armenia agreement is for the benefit of everyone, the head of the EU Delegation Ambassador Piotor Switalski said
    22:51 01/12/2017
  8. Ukraine Removed Armenian Delegation: Russian MFA Statement
    While the members of the delegations were waiting in the hall for an hour, the heads of all delegations were having a separate discussion with the BSEC PA Secretary General and the head of the Ukrainian delegation.
    22:11 01/12/2017
  9. Armenia Condemned Ballistic Missile Launch in North Korea
    Armenia has condemned the launch of a ballistic missile in North Korea on November 29, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia informed.
    00:07 01/12/2017
  10. How Putin and Others Signed Karabakh "Paper"
    The summit of Collective Security Treaty Organization has ended in Minsk.
    23:38 30/11/2017