1. What's Awaiting Armenia and the World During U.S. President Elect's Office
    The relations between Donald Trump and the Republican Party are controversial.
    20:01 16/01/2017
  2. Where Will Investigation Mechanism Be Created?
    On December 29 the Azerbaijani saboteurs tried to penetrate into Tavush region and killed three Armenian servicemen.
    12:31 13/01/2017
  3. EU Continues to Remain Armenia’s Main Trade Partner
    Armenia negotiated an association agreement with the European Union from 2010 to 2013.
    18:17 12/01/2017
  4. Gazprom Has Offered New Conditions for Georgia for Transit of Russian Gas
    Gazprom has offered Georgia new payment conditions for the transit of Russian gas to Armenia.
    14:41 11/01/2017
  5. When Azerbaijani Saboteur is Neutralized in Armenian Trenches, It’s Evident Which Side Initiates Attack
    The answer of Edward Nalbandian to the question of “Armenpress” News Agency
    11:56 11/01/2017
  6. OSCE Minsk Group Statement on Attempted Attack on December 29
    "Baku and Yerevan continue to accuse each other of a December 29, 2016 attempted incursion on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border resulting in casualties."
    11:36 10/01/2017
  7. Gazprom Proposes New Scheme to Armenia
    On December 31 the term of the agreement signed between Georgia and Russian Gazprom Export expired but the sides have not agreed on the new conditions yet, Novosti Georgia informed.
    19:11 09/01/2017
  8. Iran's Ex-president Rafsanjani Died
    The ex-president of Iran Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has died, the Fars Agency informed. He died in one of the hospitals in Tehran after a heart attack.
    13:08 09/01/2017
  9. Defense Army Dismissed Azerbaijani Press Reports on Shelling
    The NKR Ministry of Defense has dismissed the December 29 Azerbaijani press reports on the shelling by the Azerbaijani forces in the director of Akna (Aghdam).
    00:03 31/12/2016
  10. Azerbaijan's Working to Recover Body of Its Serviceman
    The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense informed it is working with the relevant agencies to recover the body of the serviceman of its armed forces which is on the Armenian side, Trend.az informed.
    23:44 30/12/2016