Defense Minister’s Press Secretary On Russian Supply Of Weapons To Azerbaijan

  • Politics - 20 June 2013, 10:51
Press secretary of the minister of defense Arthur Hovhannisyan posted on his Facebook wall about Azerbaijan’s recent purchase of armaments. His post is especially interesting against the background of the information issued by the Russian Vedomosti Newspaper which reported that Russia provided Azerbaijan with modern tanks and armored vehicles of 1 billion dollars.

The spokesperson says that purchase of weapons or armored vehicles by Azerbaijan is not a problem and Armenian relevant services are always aware of the deals from the moment of signing a contract. According to him, the amount and type of weapons and armored vehicles bought by Azerbaijan does not violate the balance of force and does not enable the authorities of Azerbaijan, of course with a presumption of good sense, to launch military aggression against Armenia and NKR, he wrote.

He continued that the ministry will refrain from statements taking into account also some elements of misinformation in the press.