1. How They Arrested Protesters o Republic Square Today
    The police announced that the rally on Republic Square is illegal and started detaining people. Dozens of citizens were taken to police.
    23:26 22/04/2018
  2. A Delightful Speech at Republic Square
    The leader of Yerkir Tsirani Party Zaruhi POstanjyan was also attending the rally on Republic Square.
    23:09 22/04/2018
  3. Sargsyan Understood But It Is Too Late
    "The prime minister remains open for real dialogue and currently the efforts to this end do not stop,” Edward Sharmazanov said.
    22:49 22/04/2018
  4. We urge the government to show restraint to allow for peaceful protest. US Embassy
    The U.S. Embassy in Armenia strongly encourages police and protesters to adhere to peaceful, legal means for freedom of assembly as provided for by the Armenian constitution.
    19:50 22/04/2018
  5. Statement by the Spokesperson on the situation in Armenia
    The right to exercise freedom of assembly in a peaceful manner and in accordance with the law is a universal and fundamental right of all.
    18:27 22/04/2018
  6. Serj Tankian: Parliament Must Take Away Serzh Sargsyan's Powers
    Serj Tankian wrote on Facebook: “Incredible. Serge Sarkissian literally threatens the citizens of Armenia with violence.
    17:33 22/04/2018
  7. Saryan-Pushkin Crossroad Blocked with Rubbish Bins and Benches
    A group of participants of the rally blocked Saryan-Pushkin crossroad. Armenpress informed that the demonstrators moved rubbish bins and benches into the streets and blocked the street for cars. There were no police officers there.
    17:28 22/04/2018
  8. Thousands of Protesters on Yerevan Streets
    Thousands of protesters on Yerevan streets
    17:22 22/04/2018
  9. A New Call Disseminated via Nikol Pashinyan's Facebook
    An appeal has been disseminated through the Facebook page of Member of Parliament Nikol Pashinyan which states very little time is left until Serzh’s resignation ...
    17:21 22/04/2018
  10. Gyulbenkyan-Kochar Crossroad Blocked by Protesters
    Gyulbenkyan-Kochar crossroad is blocked by protesters.
    17:08 22/04/2018
  11. Appeal of Armenian French Organizations: Free Pachinian!
    For 10 days a popular movement of exceptional magnitude has shaken Armenia. His goal claimed: to obtain the resignation of Prime Minister Serge Sarkissian.
    16:29 22/04/2018
  12. Nikol’s Call to People
    "Go out to the street to take your step of civil disobedience, Nikol Pashinyan posted on Facebook."
    13:00 22/04/2018
  13. How Police Arrested Nikol Pashinyan
    How police arrested Nikol Pashinyan
    12:58 22/04/2018
  14. There Couldn't Be Negotiations: What Happened at the Marriott
    Artur Martirosyan, senior advisor at CM&Partners, has commented on the Serzh Sargsyan-Nikol Pashinyan meeting
    12:54 22/04/2018
  15. Most Workers of Rossiya Fair Went on Strike
    Most traders on Rossiya Fair have closed their shops today and will not work today. In this way they express their support to the protests in the streets of Yerevan, a worker of the fair informed
    12:11 22/04/2018
  16. How Nikol Pashinyan Went to Meet with Serzh Sargsyan
    Nikol Pashinyan went to the Marriott Armenia Hotel under the cheering and applause of people gathered in front of the hotel.
    12:08 22/04/2018
  17. Riot Police Used Special Means: Pashinyan Was Taken Away
    In Erebuni district, on Artsakh Street the special squad used gas and dispersed the demonstration. The police took away Nikol Pashinyan.
    12:03 22/04/2018
  18. Serzh Sargsyan Refused and Interrupted Negotiations
    The meeting of Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan and Member of Parliament Nikol Pashinyan was very short. Serzh Sargsyan first announced that he cannot imagine how to negotiate in the presence of journalists.
    10:37 22/04/2018
  19. LIVE Protests in Yerevan streets
    LIVE Protests in Yerevan streets broadcast by Radio Liberty
    10:03 22/04/2018
  20. Serzh Sargsyan and Nikol Pashinyan Will Meet in the Morning of April 22
    At about midnight Nikol Pashinyan announced that Serzh Sargsyan has agreed to meet with him and negotiate resignation and smooth change of government.
    01:21 22/04/2018
  21. President Sargsyan Met with Nikol Pashinyan During Today's Rally. Nikol Presented Plan of Negotiation with Government
    During the rally on Republic Square Nikol Pashinyan briefed on his conversation with President Armen Sargsyan who had come to the Republic Square.
    01:07 22/04/2018