1. Armenian Producers are Terrified by New Russian Standards
    The quality standards set by Russia half a year ago created serious problems for Armenian producers, the head of the Armenian Association of Winemakers Avag Harutiunyan expressed concerns in an interview with
    22:08 14/01/2018
  2. Erdogan Gave Away Azerbaijan: Putin's Stunning Statement
    Turkey is not standing behind the drone attack at the Russian military base in Syria, the Russian president Putin said. He said they know who attacked, who were the sponsors, who produced the drones.
    00:13 14/01/2018
  3. Most Renunciations of Citizenship are Granted by President
    Serzh Sargsyan grants the majority of applications on renouncing citizenship of Armenia, stats provided to by the head of the Passport and Visa Department of the Police Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan shows.
    22:20 12/01/2018
  4. About gold mine project in Amulsar presented by Lydian International
    It is no news that on December 24, 2017, international independent experts declined the invitation of Armenia’s Minister of Nature Protection Artsvik Minasyan
    12:03 12/01/2018
  5. Czech Minister's Lesson to Nalbandyan: Robson's Last Advice
    The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Stropnický has sent a letter to five ambassadors of post-Soviet countries – Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
    00:37 12/01/2018
  6. The Moment's Close: They May Account to Armenia
    The policy of sanctions against Russia has not bypassed Armenians and Armenia.
    22:57 11/01/2018
  7. Nakhijevan: Is Turkey Planning a Step?
    On 20 December 2017 the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim visited Nakhijevan and met with the head of state. Little was said about the visit of the Turkish prime minister.
    23:42 10/01/2018
  8. The “Days of Artsakh in France” Underway in Les Pennes-Mirabeau City
    In the framework of the "Days of Artsakh in France" Festival, events are underway in ten French cities, which have established friendly relations with the towns of Artsakh.
    18:03 10/01/2018
  9. Unexpected Turn in Iran
    The Iranian President Hassan Rowhani told Tansim, the Iranian state news agency, that the people of Iran have the right to protest and put forth demands to the government and the government must listen to their demands.
    00:56 10/01/2018
  10. Vache Killed at Military Post Buried in His Native Village Today
    Today the community of Shoghakat village bid the last farewell to Sergeant Junior Vache Chilingaryan killed by the Azerbaijani at the military post on January 7.
    22:18 09/01/2018
  11. ICRC Officers Visited Armenian Captives in Azerbaijan
    Over the last month, the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Arsen Baghdasaryan and Zaven Karapetyan who had crossed the Azerbaijani border and been captivated.
    20:18 09/01/2018
  12. 2 Servicemen Injured in Mine Blast in Karabakh: HZh
    Two servicemen injured in a landmine blast in the northeastern direction of the Defense Army of Artsakh were taken to the Central Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia from Stepanakert
    14:19 09/01/2018
  13. Who Failed in Iran? Armenia's New Neighbor
    The unrest in Iran that started on December 28 seems to have calmed down.
    22:32 08/01/2018
  14. Officer's Bravery: What Happened at the Border Last Night?
    The chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia Movses Hakobyan has shared details of the case of death of the serviceman in the northeast of the Defense Army of Artsakh.
    17:53 08/01/2018
  15. Serviceman Killed in Artsakh
    On January 7, at around 13:20, the Defense Army serviceman Vache Nver Chilingaryan, 1998, was killed by gunfire from the side of the enemy.
    13:08 08/01/2018
  16. The Message օf Karekin II
 on the Feast of The Holy Nativity and the ophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ
    On this marvellous day of the Feast of Nativity and Theophany, following the light of the star of Bethlehem, the gazes of our souls are directed towards the manger
    13:45 06/01/2018
  17. The Response of the Presidency of Forum of Armenian Unions of Europe to Erdogan
    FAAE will apply to Interpol with a request to declare internationally wanted the Turkish terrorist organizations and individuals acting in Europe and especially in Germany.
    13:23 06/01/2018
  18. Violence against Journalists Increased in 2017
    Pressure on reporters increased and there was decline in freedom of press in Armenia in 2017, the chair of Committee to Protect Freedom of Expression Ashot Melikyan told
    01:56 04/01/2018
  19. What's Happening in Iran?
    Unrest has been reported in neighboring Iran for the past few days, reports on massive protests in different towns against rise in prices and economic situation came but according to different sources political calls were heard too.
    13:19 03/01/2018
  20. 14,000 Ceasefire Breaches in 2017: Summary of Operative Situation
    The first half of 2017 the situation at the line of contact between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani armed forces was tense, the enemy used bigger calibers and reconnaissance.
    16:27 31/12/2017
  21. Yerevan and Tehran's Worries: What Has Rogozin Discussed with Aliyev?
    The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin has left for Baku and met with the Azerbaijani president Aliyev. The visit had not been announced.
    01:24 31/12/2017
  22. Achievements of the Passing Year: 13 Observers Instead of 6
    The year 2017 became a peculiar ending of the 10-year cycle of the process of Karabakh settlement during which the still-born “principles of Madrid” were discussed based on the idea of “compromise”.
    22:18 30/12/2017
  23. Sevan Malakian wants to jump for Armenia at 2024 summer Olympics
    On December 7, 2017, Sevan Malakian, the young son of the great director Henri Verneuil (Mayrig), won the Jokey Club in Geneva.
    11:17 30/12/2017
  24. Between Personal and Global Security Systems
    Judging by Serzh Sargsyan’s recent speeches, the fight against terrorism is becoming a priority in Armenia.
    01:04 30/12/2017
  25. Armenia's Public Debt Exceeded 6 Billion USD
    The public debt of Armenia was 6,404,737,000 USD as of the end of November against 5,942,095,000 USD as of the end of the last year, the National Statistics Service informed.
    18:13 29/12/2017