1. Prime Minister and U.S. Ambassador Discussed Bilateral Cooperation
    Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan met with the U.S. Ambassador Richard Mills and USAID Armenia Mission Director Deborah Grieser, informs.
    10:19 01/02/2018
  2. Sides Need to Agree Details of Enlargement of Observation Mission: Spokesperson for Russian MFA
    Russia is actively working with the other co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group to alleviate tension at the line of contact in Nagorno-Karabakh and is making efforts to enlarge the OSCE observation mission in the conflict area.
    10:14 01/02/2018
  3. United States Opens Way for Armenia
    Yesterday Serzh Sargsyan went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and spoke about issues of diplomacy. He was rather tough in his speech.
    22:58 31/01/2018
  4. Kremlin Blacklist will Tighten Loop Around Armenia
    The Kremlin blacklist published by the U.S. Department of Treasury will do a lot of damage to the Armenian economy.
    22:17 31/01/2018
  5. Donor of IDeA Foundation Wants to Donate Funds for Reconstruction of Mosque in Shushi
    IDeA Foundation has announced on its Facebook page that Kairat Boranbaev has expressed wish to donate money for reconstruction of Upper Mosque in Shushi, Karabakh.
    16:54 31/01/2018
  6. Plans for New Sanitary Landfill Promise Short-Term Solution to Armenia’s Waste Problems
    To solve the problem of waste dumps in Armenia, in recent years the government has been making steps towards creating landfills that will meet international standards.
    14:35 31/01/2018
  7. All of Us Appeared on Some List: Putin
    The Russian president Vladimir Putin has responded to the Kremlin list, the Russian media informed.
    17:20 30/01/2018
  8. US Senators Call for Including Karen Avagumyan on the Kremlin List
    Four Republican US Senators Graham, Rubio, Gardner and Wicker have sent open letters to Secretary Rex Tillerson and called to watch the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chayka, his son Artemiy and several others related to him.
    17:10 30/01/2018
  9. «FMD K&L Europe» is expanding its activities to the Armenian regions with the support of DFA
    «FMD K&L Europe» is increasing investments and expanding its activities to the Armenian regions at the initiative of its employees and with the support of the Development Foundation of Armenia.
    11:25 30/01/2018
  10. Macron's Details and Requests for Serzh Sargsyan
    Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to France and meeting with the French president Emmanuel Macron last week were acknowledged in Armenia as the seal of European success of Serzh Sargsyan’s political plans.
    00:01 30/01/2018
  11. What's the Vision of West on Near East?
    The activation of the Kurdish factor in the region was the significant real outcome of the international action against the Islamic state.
    22:46 29/01/2018
  12. Prices for 7 commodity groups rise due to EAEU
    According to the Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union signed on May 29, 2014, Armenia shall be provided a transition period till 2022 to pass to the EAEU system of common customs tariffs (CCT).
    12:57 29/01/2018
  13. Avalanche on Mount Ara Killed Mountain Climber
    Today, on January 28, at 4:15 pm reports came that a person was missing and another had a broken leg due to avalanche on Mount Ara.
    22:20 28/01/2018
  14. Azerbaijan Is Unlikely to And Cannot Go for a Large-scale War
    The former Armenian minister of defense Vagharshak Harutiunyan assures that the air defense of Armenia is the best in the region, Armenpress reports.
    21:55 27/01/2018
  15. The Only Security Guarantee Is Sovereignty
    Over the past few weeks a sheer part of our public has been discussing if there is a need to have Russian border guards in Armenia.
    13:36 27/01/2018
  16. Exclusive Photos of Construction of Opera in Yerevan
    Armenpress has received exclusive photos picturing the construction of the opera in Yerevan. The pictures were given by Vigen Zakaryan, the son of the builder Vardan Zakaryan.
    21:21 26/01/2018
  17. Countries Shouldn't Depend on One Supplier
    Addressing the Global Economic Forum in Davis, the U.S. President Donald Trump said during his office the best conditions were created for business in the United States.
    21:14 26/01/2018
  18. Serzh Sargsyan's Sensational Advise to the Azerbaijani
    Serzh Sargsyan answered the question of the Azerbaijan member of parliament why he did not mention the “genocide” of Khojalu in his speech.
    19:21 26/01/2018
  19. Foreign Minister of Artsakh Received Member of the European Parliament
    During the meeting, the Foreign Minister briefed on the priorities of Artsakh's foreign policy, in particular, the steps aimed at achieving progress in the processes of international recognition of Artsakh and peaceful settlement of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Karabakh.
    12:16 26/01/2018