1. Gold Recovery Company Workers Went on Strike for Salary Rise
    The employees of Geopromining Gold, a gold recovery company, went on protest on May 15 in front of their factory demanding review of salary.
    21:18 15/05/2018
  2. Ararat Cement Slate Employees Went on Strike Demanding Pay Rise reports that today hundreds of employees of Ararat Cement Slate Factory went on protest in front of the factory.
    18:22 15/05/2018
  3. We're Longing For Reasonable Attitude by Armenian Government
    The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is in the United Kingdom addressed the Chatham House. Erdogan also dwelled on Armenia in his speech.
    19:44 14/05/2018
  4. Serviceman Severely Injured in Azerbaijan By Azerbaijani Gunfire
    On May 13, at 10:35 pm, the serviceman of the Defense Army Shamkhal Seiran Petrosyan born in 1998 was severely wounded by a gunshot from the side of the enemy in one of the northern military units of the Defense Army.
    19:25 14/05/2018
  5. What Pashinyan and Putin Talked About
    Russia views Armenia as an important partner and ally in the region, the Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in the meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Sochi.
    19:09 14/05/2018
  6. Chief of Police Invited Son of Imprisoned Shant Harutiunyan to His Place
    "We, as citizens of free and triumphant Republic of Armenia, had a heartfelt and warm meeting with the Chief of Police of Armenia and his family," Shahen wrote.
    18:22 14/05/2018
  7. How Armenians in Sochi, Russia Meet and Greet Pashinyan
    How Armenians in Sochi, Russia meet and greet Pashinyan who arrived there for EAEU Summit
    17:48 14/05/2018
  8. Artak Ananyan has been appointed as the Interim Chairman of the Management Board of Ardshinbank
    Artak Ananyan, currently Deputy CEO of Ardshinbank, will assume the role of the Interim Chairman of the Management Board of Ardshinbank.
    16:04 14/05/2018
  9. Prime Minister Met with New Cabinet
    Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called a meeting with the newly appointed members of the cabinet.
    21:17 13/05/2018
  10. Customs Clearance Took 4 Minutes Instead of 4 Days
    Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan instructed to cut the duration of customs formalities 3-4 times. An entrepreneur posted on Facebook that customs clearance took them 4 minutes instead of 4 hours.
    19:12 13/05/2018
  11. Situation at Line of Contact in the Past Week
    In the period May 6-12 the situation at the line of contact between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani conflicting forces was relatively stable.
    11:43 13/05/2018
  12. Barrister Had Warned Authorities Would Need Barrister One Day: Haik Alumyan
    Barrister Haik Alumyan says judicial reforms must start with dismissal of judges.
    00:15 13/05/2018
  13. Head of Founding Parliament: New Government Vowed to Continue Process of Release of Political Prisoners
    Yesterday the court set free the head of Founding Parliament Garegin Chugaszyan. He will await trial in freedom.
    22:56 12/05/2018
  14. New Cabinet Formed
    The new cabinet has been formed now. Below is the names of the newly appointed cabinet.
    22:06 12/05/2018