1. Anti-Armenian Talk Shows Achieved Their Purpose
    The scandalous talk shows on the Russian state TV channels have achieved their purpose. They were about the signing of the EU-Armenia agreement and its consequences for Russia.
    17:12 02/12/2017
  2. Earthquake in Iran
    On December 1, local time 6:32 AM, the Armenian Seismic Protection Service reported a 5.9 earthquake 56 km northeast from the Iranian city of Qerman.
    23:10 01/12/2017
  3. Some of Steps Listed in EU-Armenia Agreement Will Be Implemented Soon: Switalski
    The EU-Armenia agreement is for the benefit of everyone, the head of the EU Delegation Ambassador Piotor Switalski said
    22:51 01/12/2017
  4. Ukraine Removed Armenian Delegation: Russian MFA Statement
    While the members of the delegations were waiting in the hall for an hour, the heads of all delegations were having a separate discussion with the BSEC PA Secretary General and the head of the Ukrainian delegation.
    22:11 01/12/2017
  5. Bodyguard Slept in the Bed on Aliyeva's Jet: Lapshin.
    The airport staff photographed Aliyev’s wife Mehriban Aliyeva’s private jet which arrived in the Israeli port Eilat, blogger Alexander Lapshin wrote on his Facebook.
    00:33 01/12/2017
  6. Armenia Condemned Ballistic Missile Launch in North Korea
    Armenia has condemned the launch of a ballistic missile in North Korea on November 29, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia informed.
    00:07 01/12/2017
  7. How Putin and Others Signed Karabakh "Paper"
    The summit of Collective Security Treaty Organization has ended in Minsk.
    23:38 30/11/2017
  8. Iran's Two Expectations from Armenia
    The minister of foreign affairs of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif and Armenia exchanged assurances of importance of bilateral relations during his visit to Yerevan.
    23:13 30/11/2017
  9. I'd Go to Baku in a Tank and Ask Aliyev to Keep Away from Armenians: Scandal at Russian TV Show
    During the TV show Time will Show on the Russian First Channel the EU-Armenia agreement was discussed.
    23:38 29/11/2017
  10. Knesset Vice-speaker Believes Israel will Express It's Stance on Genocide
    Armenpress's interview with loskov, Vice Speaker of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), head of the Israel-Armenia parliamentary friendship group.
    23:04 29/11/2017
  11. Road Closed to Trucks in the Middle of Intensive Exports Season
    Armenian exporters are again facing difficulties as the road in Lars is closed due to weather, and trucks stop on the way.
    22:10 29/11/2017
  12. Ban on Going on Street in 42 Villages of Turkey
    In 42 villages of Diyarbakir, Turkey people are not allowed to go out on the street as part of actions against PKK, Armenpress reported, referring to the Turkish Dogan Agency.
    21:50 29/11/2017
  13. Erdogan Gave Up: Is Armenia the Next Wave?
    The Turkish President Erdogan has announced that his telephone conversation with the U.S. President Donald Trump was the first conversation when the leaders of two countries were on the same wave.
    20:58 29/11/2017
  14. Foreign Committee Voted Against Draft Resolution on Leaving EAEU
    The Foreign Committee has given a negative opinion on the draft resolution submitted by Yelq Parliamentary Group on initiating a process of leaving the Eurasian Economic Union.
    19:21 29/11/2017
  15. Erdogan Keeps Alienating Everyone, Including Distinguished Foreign Scholars
    Turkish President Erdogan is a ‘blessing’ to all those who are opposed to Turkish autocratic rule and massive violations of human rights.
    10:19 29/11/2017
  16. Zarif: Iran Attaches Great Importance to Comprehensive Collaboration with Armenia
    On November 28, Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian met with Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Iran, who arrived in Yerevan.
    21:45 28/11/2017
  17. Iranian Foreign Minister Had Special Visit to Armenia: This Is an Indicator
    The visit of the foreign minister of Iran Mohammad Javad Zarif to Armenia has a high political importance because this is not a regional visit but a special visit to Armenia.
    21:32 28/11/2017
  18. U.S. Embassy launches Armenian translation of bestselling novel “Out of My Mind”
    In support of Armenia’s efforts to move toward a fully inclusive education system, and as part of the U.S. Embassy’s program to bring select American literature to Armenian audiences, the Armenian version of New York Times bestselling novel
    18:07 28/11/2017
  19. Samvel Babayan Sentenced to 6 Years
    The Court of Kentron and Nork Marash Communities of Yerevan has published the verdict on the former minister of defense of Artsakh Samvel Babayan.
    13:15 28/11/2017
  20. The DFA presents concepts for Noah Ethnographic District
    The DFA has received concepts for Noah Ethnographic District from four leading companies and presents them to experts for opinions.
    13:13 28/11/2017
  21. Aliyev Prevented: What Has Happened in Nakhijevan?
    The artillery units of the Azerbaijani army conducted drills involving relay race of mortar squads and destruction of enemy’s targets.
    13:12 28/11/2017