1. Chinese New Year
    20:00 17/02/2018
  2. Winners announced for Serj Tankian’s $5,000 music challenge
    Alpha Lighting System, Mariam Petrosian share Serj Tankian's $5,000 prize
    22:05 16/02/2018
  3. 11 Dollar Millionaires in Armenian Parliament
    As of 18 May 2018, i.e. inauguration, all members of parliament declared 7,431,000,000 AMD, 35,900,000 USD, 10,500,000 RUR, 7500 Swiss frank, expert Babken Tunyan told reporters.
    23:27 15/02/2018
  4. Spokesperson for Russian MFA Confirmed Death of Russians in Syria But Only of Five
    According to preliminary information, Russians were killed by strikes of the international coalition in Syria, the spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova said.
    23:01 15/02/2018
  5. Putin Cancelled All Events: Something Happening in Syria
    The Kremlin would not confirm the death of lots of Russians in Syria caused by the strikes of the American air force and artillery.
    21:59 15/02/2018
  6. EBRD renounces its liability in Amulsar mine project: AEF
    One of the main sponsors of the mining project planned on mountain Amulsar next to Jermuk town is European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
    17:01 15/02/2018
  7. Armenia Startled by Iran
    The Iranian ambassador in Armenia Seyed Kazem Sajadi made several interesting statements while he was answering the questions of those attending the ceremony.
    16:15 14/02/2018
  8. Mayor Margaryan's Resignation
    Yerkir Tsirani Party and its chair Zaruhee Postanjyan is the only party in Armenia which keeps its electoral pledges. The party had promised to turn the life of the Council of Elders and mayor of Yerevan to hell and chaos and it did.
    22:38 13/02/2018
  9. OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs Statement's Against Azerbaijan's Destructive Position: Deputy Speaker
    The deputy speaker says the co-chairs underline the need to bring into being the agreements of Vienna, Saint Petersburg and Geneva.
    21:33 13/02/2018
  10. The presidential candidate of the Republic of Armenia must comply with the requirements of the Constitution
    According to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia amended on December 6, 2015, the President is the head of State and shall observe the compliance with the Constitution.
    17:52 13/02/2018
  11. Letter to Co-Chairmen of the Minsk Group of OSCE
    We have learnt that your regular goodwill mission to our region again began with a visit to Baku ahead of the scheduled date. During a similar visit to Baku Mr.Warlik,- one of the co-chairmen, had enough time to meet Azerbaijani refugees
    09:59 13/02/2018
  12. New Stage in War Close to Armenian Border
    The UN Secretary General has stated that an even more blood stage of war starts in Syria killing thousands of peaceful people.
    23:28 12/02/2018
  13. Red Cross Representatives Visited Armenian and Azerbaijani Prisoners
    The representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited the Armenian and Azerbaijani prisoners for the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.
    22:59 12/02/2018
  14. Ukrainian Law Enforcement Agencies Deported Saakashvili to Poland
    The Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have deported the chair of Movement of New Forces Party of Ukraine, the former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili to Poland from where he had arrived in Ukraine in September 2017.
    20:58 12/02/2018
  15. Iran Got Nothing from Armenia's Membership to EAEU
    Armenia’s membership to the Eurasian Economic Union has not brought anything tangible to the Iranian side, the Iranian Ambassador in Armenia Seyed Kazem Sajadi told reporters on February 12.
    20:40 12/02/2018
  16. Saakashvili Arrested in Kiev
    The ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili was arrested in Kiev, Armenpress reported Ria Novosti referring to the Ukrainian MP Yuri Derevyanko.
    20:19 12/02/2018
  17. Minsk Group Co-chairs' Statement
    The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group met with President Ilham Aliyev in Baku on 7 February and President Serzh Sargsyan in Yerevan on 9 February.
    10:27 12/02/2018
  18. How Russians Will Act in Next War
    Aliyev’s decision on early elections was, among other reasons, explained by experts as an attempt to mark time for a new war and to get his hands free.
    22:25 10/02/2018
  19. What Will Russia Start with, Armenia or Azerbaijan?
    Western experts think that after the March 2018 elections Vladimir Putin who is stuck in Ukraine and the Near East will try to shift his activity to the post-Soviet space.
    21:22 10/02/2018