1. Geneva Motor Show 2018
    20:42 21/03/2018
  2. Majority of Sexual Crimes are Committed Against Children in Armenia
    Sona Truzyan, adviser to the chair of the Investigative Committee, has published statistics on sexual crimes.
    16:23 21/03/2018
  3. Downward Change of Government: Has Serzh Sargsyan Lost His Nerve?
    Serzh Sargsyan’s interview about his prospects for the position of prime minister is interpreted in many different ways.
    12:38 21/03/2018
  4. U.S. Ended Monopoly of Russian Weapons in South Caucasus
    Last week the chair of the international committee of the Russian Federal Council announced that after the April war in 2016 Russia drew conclusions and no longer sells weapons to Azerbaijan “in the previous scales”.
    11:05 21/03/2018
  5. Zhirair Sefilyan Was Sentenced to 10.5 Years
    On March 20 the Court of Shengavit published the verdict on Zhirair Sefilyan. The case involves seven other people.
    00:51 21/03/2018
  6. Ex-President of France Taken in Custody for Illegal Campaign Funding
    The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been taken into police custody for questioning over allegations of illegal election campaign funding from the regime of the Libyan dictator.
    14:53 20/03/2018
  7. Out of Agenda: Choice Made
    The long queue in front of the Russian embassy in Yerevan to vote to the Russian presidential election was among top internet news.
    12:14 19/03/2018
  8. Has Azerbaijan Agreed to Independence of Karabakh?
    The Azerbaijani foreign minister Elmar Mammedyarov has announced that after the presidential elections the negotiations over Karabakh will become more intensive.
    00:56 19/03/2018
  9. Security Environment of Armenia is Changing
    A number of events in March demonstrate the continuing deepening of the crisis in international relations directly affecting the security interests of the Republic of Armenia.
    22:32 18/03/2018
  10. Russia's Regaining Azerbaijan's Confidence
    The strengthening of relations of Armenia and Artsakh with the United States worries Armenia and Artsakh.
    23:33 16/03/2018
  11. Bako Sahakyan's American Prize
    The relations with the United States is one of the priorities of the foreign policy of Artsakh, the president of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan announced in Washington.
    22:53 15/03/2018
  12. Moody’s revised Ardshinbank's Rating Outlook to Positive reaffirming ratings on the level of the sovereign
    Moody’s Investors Service, (“Moody’s”) today has reaffirmed Ardshinbank’s ratings and changed the outlook to “positive” from “stable”. Currently Ardshinbank is assigned the LT Bank Deposits (Local Currency) and the Senior Unsecured Regular Bond/Debenture “B1” ratings.
    13:20 15/03/2018
  13. Aliyev's Concerns: Arrow Targeting Iran
    The minister of defense of Artsakh Levon Mnatsakanyan has called a meeting with the command of the Defense Army, heads of services, commanders and discussed issues relating to the army and assigned tasks.
    00:39 15/03/2018
  14. Manufacturing in Armenia and Georgia: 2017 Data
    The statistical services of Armenia and Georgia have published economic data of 2017. Last year, the volume of manufacturing totaled 3,455,000 USD in Armenia and 4,251,000 USD in Georgia.
    23:47 10/03/2018
  15. What Counterattack Is Azerbaijan Preparing for?
    On March 12-17 the Azerbaijani armed forces will hold a military exercise.
    23:25 10/03/2018
  16. Whom Has U.S. Ambassador Blamed? Republicans Fuss
    The U.S. Ambassador in Armenia Richard Mills has told the Zhamanak Newspaper about systemic corruption in Armenia which puts American investments off.
    23:11 08/03/2018
  17. Opposition Will Help Serzh Sargsyan to Become Prime Minister
    The flow of pro and con arguments on the possibility that Serzh Sargsyan will be the next prime minister or not is gathering momentum.
    00:05 08/03/2018
  18. Putin's Failure Five Days Later: New Tragedy and Deaths
    The Russian jet crashed while landing at the military airport of Khmeimim in Syria. 32 people are dead. Nothing is known about the cause of the crash: was it a technical issue, a human error or was the plane struck?
    23:21 06/03/2018
  19. Will Infrastructures Open?
    The Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced in his address to the Federal Council that Russia will use a nuclear weapon if a nuclear or massive destruction weapon threatening the state is used against Russia or its allies.
    14:09 06/03/2018