1. Azerbaijani Captain's Body Found Near Armenian Position
    In the morning of November 23 the body of an Azerbaijani serviceman was found by the Armenian officers in front of one of the military positions in the southwest of the state border of the Republic of Armenia.
    15:49 23/11/2017
  2. Azerbaijani Officer Killed All Personnel of Military Unit and Fled informs that the officer in one of the Nakhijevani units of the Azerbaijani army has killed all the personnel and escaped.
    15:41 23/11/2017
  3. Anti-Terrorist Action Ended in Tbilisi
    The State Security Service has completed the anti-terrorist action in Tbilisi, Rustavi 2 Channel informed.
    22:14 22/11/2017
  4. What Did Don Pipo Put on the Table?
    Ahead of his arrival in Yerevan the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated in Baku that all steps towards settlement of the Karabakh conflict have been discussed repetitively and are reflected in the OSCE documents.
    20:10 22/11/2017
  5. Central Bank Introduces New Banknote Series
    On November 22 the Central Bank of Armenia has presented the new Noah’s Arch collection banknote series to be circulated in 2017.
    16:30 22/11/2017
  6. Nalbandyan Recalled Destruction of Armenian Churches in 1990-2000
    Statement by Edward Nalbandian at the Conference Preventing and Countering Hate Crimes against Christians and Members of other Religious Groups - Perspectives from the OSCE and beyond
    15:54 22/11/2017
  7. Erdogan: Only Russia Can Resolve Issue of Five Territories in Karabakh
    Only Russia can resolve the Karabakh issue therefore I am going to bring up this issue at my meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi today, the Turkish president told the Turkish press.
    15:28 22/11/2017
  8. Three Servicemen Killed in Landmine Explosion
    On November 21, at 6:35 pm three servicemen were killed in the result of a landmine explosion.
    11:28 22/11/2017
  9. EU-Armenia Agreement to Be Signed: Mediamax
    There are no more obstacles to signing the new agreement between Armenia and the European Union, and it will be definitely signed on November 24.
    00:51 22/11/2017
  10. Lavrov's Statement on Considering Principles of Settlement in Package is Message to Baku: Sharmazanov
    During his press conference in Yerevan the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov sent a clear message to Baku that all the principles of settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should be considered in a package.
    00:49 22/11/2017
  11. Lavrov Broke News to Aliyev in Baku
    Russia shares positions on the Artsakh issue with Paris and Washington, the Russian minister of foreign affairs Lavrov stated on November 20 in Baku.
    00:18 22/11/2017
  12. Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, Resigned
    The president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe who was ruling the country for 37 years tendered his resignation immediately after the process of impeachment started in parliament, AP informed.
    23:13 21/11/2017