1. U.S. Tightens Rope Around Russia: What's Awaiting Russia's "Sputniks"?
    The U.S. has adopted a bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The bill must be approved by the Senate. Next, it will be sent to Trump who signs or vetoes bills.
    15:38 27/07/2017
  2. AEF. According to international acclaimed experts gold project in Amulsar should not start։ What has Lydian hidden and what the Armenian government has been “unaware” of
    For years Armenian scientists, specialists and environmentalists presented from their field of expertise the dangers of gold project in Amulsar planned by Lydian International.
    10:09 27/07/2017
  3. Growth in Exports to the EU: Foreign Trade in Numbers
    As is the case with all small countries characterized by open economic system, foreign trade dynamics in Armenia is one of the fundamental factors outlining the current conjuncture of the whole economy.
    17:48 26/07/2017
  4. Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation Commits to Major Investment with HIKEArmenia
    Earlier this year the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation approached ONEArmenia about accelerating investment into HIKEArmenia so as to scale the program more quickly and to enhance its impact.
    15:03 26/07/2017
  5. Artsakh Ministry Dismissed Azerbaijan's Report on Its Soldier Injured by Armenian UAV Strike
    The Ministry of Defense of Artsakh Republic has dismissed the statement of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense about the death of an Azerbaijani serviceman caused by the strike of the Armenian side.
    00:41 26/07/2017
  6. There's Slight Decrease in Gender-based Abortions in Armenia
    The rate of selective abortions in Armenia has decreased. If several years ago the boy to girl ratio was 115-120 to 100.
    23:44 25/07/2017
  7. Azerbaijan’s US Lobbying Firm’s List of Impressive Accomplishments
    Several weeks ago, I wrote about the four lobbying and PR firms hired by Azerbaijan in the United States. One of these companies is the Tool Shed Group.
    23:10 25/07/2017
  8. Kremlin Doesn’t Comment on Erdogan’s Statement on Supply of C-400
    The Kremlin doesn’t comment on the Turkish president Recep Tayip Erdogan’s statement on supply of C-400 air defense systems, Armenpress informed, referring to TASS.
    21:52 25/07/2017
  9. Good News of Russian Weapons
    Russia and Turkey have signed the papers for the supply of C-400 air defense systems, the Turkish President Erdogan announced, Turkish Anadolu Agency informed.
    21:32 25/07/2017
  10. Illegal fines and their appeal (animated video)
    Annually traffic police writes more than a million traffic tickets. Some of them are appropriate, and some are not.
    09:51 25/07/2017
  11. Turkey Handed Aliyev to Putin
    The Russian president Putin met with Aliyev on Friday. There is nothing strange when Aliyev and Putin meet.
    00:37 25/07/2017
  12. How Yerevan Celebrated Vardavar
    Vardavar is a pre-Christian holiday marked in Armenia 14 weeks or 98 days after Easter.
    21:33 24/07/2017
  13. Defense Army Published Statistics of Azerbaijan's Behavior at Line of Contact
    According to the summary of the operative data of the Defense Army of Artsakh, in the first half of 2017 the enemy breached the ceasefire at the line of contact between the Artsakh-Azerbaijani armed forces around 9000 times.
    20:52 23/07/2017
  14. Azerbaijani Fire Caused Significant Damage to Armenian Border Village
    The Azerbaijani side has fired at the border village of Chinari, Tavush region, causing significant damage to the people living there, the head of the village Samvel Saghoyan told Armenpress.
    01:07 23/07/2017
  15. Azerbaijani Side Fired at Village of Barekamavan
    The head of Barekamavan village told that on June 21 the Azerbaijani side fired in the direction of the village between 11 pm and 1 am, using heavy machine guns and automatic rifles.
    00:53 23/07/2017
  16. There Was Organized Violence against Reporters
    A year past 29 July 2016 when violence was used against reporters in Sari Tagh district in Yerevan no serious punishments have been applied.
    22:56 21/07/2017
  17. Common Pricing of Gas in EEU: Issue's on Agenda
    During a meeting chaired by Adamkul Zhunusov, the minister of the energy and infrastructures of the Eurasian Economic Commission, consensus was achieved on a program of a common market of oil, gas and petroleum products.
    22:00 21/07/2017
  18. Germany Declared War on Turkey: Who's Next?
    The German foreign minister Zigmar Gabriel has announced about change in Germany’s attitude to Turkey.
    23:46 20/07/2017
  19. Verdict on Blogger Lapshin Published
    The court of Baku on grave crimes has published the verdict on the citizen of Russia and Israel, blogger Alexander Lapshin.
    15:58 20/07/2017
  20. Government Approved Ratification of Joint Contingent Agreement
    The Armenian government has approved the draft resolution on ratifying the agreement between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation on joint contingent of armed troops.
    15:55 20/07/2017
  21. Contractual Serviceman Injured in Mine Blast
    The Investigative Committee informs that one of the contractual servicemen of the regiment of Ararat has deviated from the combat route and appeared in a minefield and injured in a mine blast.
    10:56 20/07/2017
  22. Verdict on Lapshin's Case Expected Soon
    The Russian and Israeli citizen, blogger Alexander Lapshin did not plead guilty during the court sitting in Baku, Armenpress informed, referring to APA agency.
    09:56 20/07/2017
  23. Risks Behind the Back of Armenia's Iskander: Vigilance Needed
    The statement of the Azerbaijani minister of defense Zakir Hassanov on having an antidote to the Iskander rockets of Armenia in his long interview with RIA Novosti got a significant attention in Armenia.
    18:29 19/07/2017
  24. Monitoring in Omar Mountain Pass
    On July 19, the OSCE Mission conducted a planned monitoring of the Line of Contact between the armed forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan, at the Omar pass.
    17:30 19/07/2017
  25. Bako Sahakyan Elected President for His Third Term
    In a special meeting the Parliament of Artsakh voted 28 to 32 for Bako Sahakyan nominated for the president of Artsakh.
    17:28 19/07/2017