1. Aurora Reveals the Key Findings of the Opinion Audit
    One in seven Armenians and one in twenty members of the general public are aware of the Aurora Prize, Aurora Opinion Audit reveals.
    15:33 18/01/2017
  2. Improved Russian US Relations May Be Helpful to Armenia
    Last November, Americans elected the unlikeliest presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.
    11:16 18/01/2017
  3. What's Awaiting Armenia and the World During U.S. President Elect's Office
    The relations between Donald Trump and the Republican Party are controversial.
    20:01 16/01/2017
  4. Foreign Grants of the RA Ministry of Justice
    Thus, the World Bank has awarded the following grants to the Judicial Projects Implementation Unit:
    15:36 16/01/2017
  5. Severely Wounded Serviceman Died Last Night
    The serviceman Garik Artashes Vardanyan born in 1996 was wounded severely on 30 December 2016 by the enemy and died on January 15 at 11.35 pm at Yerevan Central Clinical Hospital.
    13:42 16/01/2017
  6. Front Units of Defense Army Answered
    In the night of January 15 Azerbaijan intensively shelled the emplacements of the Defense Army in the eastern and northeastern sections.
    13:19 16/01/2017
  7. The Situation at the Line of Contact
    In the night of January 11 the enemy violated the ceasefire at the line of contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani armed forces 30 times, firing 400 times in the direction of the Armenian posts.
    12:44 13/01/2017
  8. Where Will Investigation Mechanism Be Created?
    On December 29 the Azerbaijani saboteurs tried to penetrate into Tavush region and killed three Armenian servicemen.
    12:31 13/01/2017
  9. Maggy for children: continuous impact of Aurora Prize
    2016 Aurora Prize Laureate, Marguerite Barankitse – founder of Maison Shalom and the REMA Hospital in Burundi –was offered the chance to nominate humanitarian organizations which would receive the Prize’s $1 million award.
    12:02 13/01/2017
  10. Government Has Liquidated Company Set Up for Iran-Armenia Railway
    The government has approved the liquidation of Railway Construction Directorate CJSC. This company was established for the project of Iran-Armenia railway construction.
    10:13 13/01/2017
  11. Wounded Conscript Woke up from Coma:
    The conscript Garik Vardanyan who was wounded on December 30 at the northeastern border of NKR has recovered from coma.
    09:47 13/01/2017
  12. EU Continues to Remain Armenia’s Main Trade Partner
    Armenia negotiated an association agreement with the European Union from 2010 to 2013.
    18:17 12/01/2017
  13. U.S. May Have Decision on Change of Ruling Regime in Azerbaijan
    The interest of the United States towards Azerbaijan has decreased significantly because Ilham Aliyev has carried out all possible obligations to the Western community in the sphere of oil and energy infrastructure projects.
    15:39 12/01/2017
  14. What Assignment Has Been Given to Armenian Army?
    The OSCE Minsk Group has made a statement on the Azerbaijani attack in Tavush on December 29 which has disappointed Armenia.
    12:27 12/01/2017
  15. Gazprom Has Offered New Conditions for Georgia for Transit of Russian Gas
    Gazprom has offered Georgia new payment conditions for the transit of Russian gas to Armenia.
    14:41 11/01/2017
  16. Situation at Line of Contact
    On January 10 the enemy violated the ceasefire at the line of contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani forces around 50 times, firing over 900 times in the direction of the Armenian posts.
    12:59 11/01/2017
  17. When Azerbaijani Saboteur is Neutralized in Armenian Trenches, It’s Evident Which Side Initiates Attack
    The answer of Edward Nalbandian to the question of “Armenpress” News Agency
    11:56 11/01/2017
  18. Unpleasant Surprise Awaiting for U.S. President
    The Democratic Party in the United States remained in government after Obama’s first term. Populism is so important to the public in the United States that it was hard to suppose how the Democrats may leave government.
    11:06 11/01/2017
  19. The Situation at the Line of Contact
    In the night of January 9 the enemy violated the ceasefire at the line of contact between the Karabakh-Azerbaijani armed forces over 40 times.
    22:25 10/01/2017
  20. Willingness to Invest in Armenia but Not From EAEU Member States
    Several companies of different countries are currently interested in investing in Armenia, the head of the Republic Union of Employers Gagik Makaryan told
    21:00 10/01/2017
  21. Head of Village Named a Street and Musical School after Himself
    Frontik Tevosyan, the head of the village of Nor Geghi, has named the main street and musical school of the village after himself, reported, whose reporter has talked to the head of village.
    14:18 10/01/2017
  22. What Unexpected May Happen in April?
    The parliamentary elections are on 2 April 2017. On 2 April 2016 Azerbaijan attacked Karabakh. This is a sacral day, both a drama and a breakthrough.
    13:01 10/01/2017
  23. OSCE Minsk Group Statement on Attempted Attack on December 29
    "Baku and Yerevan continue to accuse each other of a December 29, 2016 attempted incursion on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border resulting in casualties."
    11:36 10/01/2017
  24. Surik Khachatryan May Be Discharged from RPA Board
    The ex-governor of Syunik region Surik Khachatryan may be discharged from the Republican Board. Surik Khachatryan is a member of the board of the Republican Party but soon the new board will be nominated.
    23:32 09/01/2017
  25. Gazprom Proposes New Scheme to Armenia
    On December 31 the term of the agreement signed between Georgia and Russian Gazprom Export expired but the sides have not agreed on the new conditions yet, Novosti Georgia informed.
    19:11 09/01/2017