1. First Russia, then the European Union
    Nevertheless, “both…and” is not true for a number of different reasons.
    16:20 15/12/2017
  2. EPF Program Director Isabella Sargsyan is awarded Freedom Defender Prize
    On December 11, 2017, at the Universal Rights Awards Annual ceremony in Yerevan, Isabella Sargsyan, Human Rights Program Director of Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), received the Freedom Defender Award.
    13:09 15/12/2017
  3. U.S. Expert Providing Post-Forest Fire Support to Armenia
    An expert from the U.S. Forest Service concludes a working visit to Armenia today.
    11:48 15/12/2017
  4. ARDSHINBANK Signs $25 Million Trade Finance Facility With Citi and ADB
    Ardshinbank has signed a $25 million one-year Club Trade Finance Facility arranged by Citi with Asian Development Bank (ADB).
    10:38 15/12/2017
  5. President Sargsyan: No Specific Points Were Discussed for Two Years
    Serzh Sargsyan commented on the process of settlement of the Karabakh conflict in an interview with Armenia TV.
    01:09 15/12/2017
  6. 24,000 Migrant Workers Didn't Come Back
    The annual number of migrant workers who did not come back to Armenia over the past three years was 24,000, the National Statistics Service’s 2017 report states.
    01:00 15/12/2017
  7. Deputy Speaker Reportedly Didn't Pay Traffic Police Fines for Three Years
    Member of Parliament Hermine Naghdalyan, Republican, continues to enjoy privileges.
    00:47 15/12/2017
  8. Armenian Government Expects to Reduce Debt to GDP Ratio Next Year
    The Armenian government expects the foreign debt to GDP ratio to be at 55.4%, the minister of finance Vardan Aramyan said during the discussion of amendments to the legislation on the state treasury and national debt.
    00:40 15/12/2017
  9. Europe Supports Armenian Organic Producers to Explore the Middle East Market
    For the first time, under a joint pavilion “ORGANIC Armenia” 12 Armenian companies are presenting their Organic certified and Natural products at Organic & Natural Expo Middle East expo in Dubai
    17:45 13/12/2017
  10. Yerevan-Athens: Alliance with Jerusalem or Fighting in Jerusalem?
    The Armenian foreign minister Edward Nalbandyan has been invited to Greece by his counterpart on December 12-13.
    23:48 12/12/2017
  11. EU Visa Facilitation for Armenia Will Take a Lot of Time
    The issue of visa liberalization between Armenia and the EU is a separate process and is not covered by the new EU-Armenia agreement, the French Ambassador in Armenia Jonathan Lacote told reporters.
    22:28 12/12/2017
  12. There Can Be No Military Solution to NK Conflict: French Ambassador
    The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh has not been frozen, it is a real conflict which has an impact on the Armenian society, government and state, the French ambassador in Armenia Jonathan Lacote told reporters, Armenpress reported.
    22:11 12/12/2017
  13. Serviceman Killed by Shot by Fellow Serviceman
    On December 11, at 19:30 Narek Marzpetuni Adibekyan was killed at the defense unit of one of the military units located in the north of the Defense Army by his fellow serviceman.
    20:57 12/12/2017
  14. Serviceman Injured by Mine Blast in Tavush Region
    On December 11 Private Artur Garik Danielyan born in 1998 was severely injured by a landmine blast during duty at the north-eastern part of the Armenian border.
    20:50 12/12/2017
  15. Russia's Big Failure: Armenia Could Land a Hand
    The Nezavisimaya Gazeta has published an interesting article on December 3 about the Russian MI-28N war helicopters which are also known as night hunters.
    23:34 11/12/2017
  16. Russian Landing Troops Attacked Karabakh
    Lavrov’s reprimand: because there are no Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh
    21:25 11/12/2017
  17. Armenia’s International Community to Honour Rights Advocates
    Since 2012, the Universal Rights Awards Ceremony was the first initiative of the international community to highlight contributions of Armenia’s civil and political rights activists
    17:48 11/12/2017
  18. Turkish Intellectuals Who Visited Artsakh Didn't Apologize to Azerbaijan
    Four Turkish intellectuals who visited Artsakh in September have made a joint statement in answer to the Turkish foreign minister’s words.
    01:13 10/12/2017
  19. Lavrov Spoke About Increase of OSCE Observers in Karabakh
    The OSCE special representative is working on agreeing the criteria for increasing the number of observers of the office of the OSCE CiO Personal Representative.
    00:12 10/12/2017
  20. TSD Introduced Its First Simple Phone
    TSD, the first Armenian producer of mobile telephones and smartphones introduced on December 4 Armphonic, a simple telephone for children and the elderly.
    00:31 09/12/2017
  21. Eat Your Potatoes and Shut Up
    The mass media and social networks reacted strongly to the answers of two notorious Republican members of parliament Khosrov Harutiunyan and Hakob Hakobyan on poverty and rise in prices.
    00:02 09/12/2017
  22. Vienna Confirms Status Quo: Fair Accompli Is Close
    The Karabakh issue was discussed on the first day of the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of OSCE.
    23:02 08/12/2017
  23. There's No Progress in Dialogue over Karabakh Issue: Lavrov
    The dialogue on the Karabakh issue did not report serious progress, the Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov said during a press conference in Vienna.
    21:16 08/12/2017
  24. New tool for Development Foundation of Armenia to improve the services to foreign investors
    Development Foundation of Armenia and the UN Development Program launch a grant program “E-governance as an Electronic Tool for Facilitating the Government to Attract Foreign Investment”.
    17:48 08/12/2017
  25. "Uprising" in General Staff: Movses Hakobyan's Revelation
    The discharge of Haykaz Baghmanyan, the deputy chief of General Staff, has triggered a discussion in the Armenian media and political circles.
    22:33 07/12/2017