It'll Take Large-Scale Action to End the War: Vahan Badasyan

  • Interview - 05 March 2017, 19:50
Interview with Vahan Badasyan, cavalier of the Combat Cross.

Mr. Badasyan, the situation at the line of contact remains tense. In your opinion, is the situation getting worse considering that Azerbaijan is using new weapons?

Yes, it turns out so. Besides, Azerbaijan is now doing something incomprehensible. This is similar to the propaganda machine of the Soviet Union in 1988-1990. At the moment it started, Moscow spread upside down, distorted but targeted news all over the Soviet Union to play down on, to neutralize the powerful Armenian movement for the liberation of Artsakh. However, of course, it was useless, the water became clear. Now what is happening in our days, openly, with evidence, there are videos showing how the Azerbaijani side is trying to clear the area of mines and come close to our posts and get destroyed near our posts. However, Azerbaijan is in hysteria, claiming that the Armenian side has attacked, the Azerbaijani side has countered the attack and there are casualties. How have they been pushed back if the bodies are in the neutral area, closer to the Armenian posts than to the Azerbaijani ones. The Turkish MFA has even stated that the Armenian side breaches the ceasefire and provokes. This is a matter of operating the propaganda machine, they want to demonstrate to the entire world that the Armenian side continues to attack, does aggression etc. Of course, Azerbaijan cannot gain advantage along that way but a war is imposed and if this continues, only answering them is not enough. If we are the ones who only answer, we may have a lot of losses. We must put an end to this, and it takes adequate steps which the Armenian side must undertake.

The president of Artsakh Bako Sahakyan told the Gazeta that the Iskander rocket plays a stabilizing role in the region and will ensure peace in Artsakh, it is the most effective mechanism to achieve peace. Recently many say that silencing Azerbaijanis with Iskanders is the most correct step. In your opinion, is it possible that the Iskanders are used?

If the escalation continues, we will continue to have deaths, and we are at an undeclared war, and if in a few days the Iskanders are put to use, I agree to that. But since the Iskanders are not used, they act as a straightjacket, that we can strike but we don’t do.I disagree that this is the only way of maintaining the balance, acting the role of a straight jacket. The existence of Iskanders is very far from being a constraint. Measures should be taken, a large-scale action must be done, a punitive action should be launched and the emplacements must be destroyed. The entire world is doing so. The emplacements from where our soldiers are killed must be destroyed. Whether with an Iskander or a grenade launcher or with a gun, the emplacements must be muted. And even if we risk having deaths, we have to do that to end the war once and for all.Otherwise, having an Iskander is becoming something formal? It’s not a formality, we have an Iskander, we can strike but they may strike us with something else and it will become a real game of war. There are all the premises in place, it is not only the weapon that matters. First, the Armenian side must do everything to draw the attention of the international community, the co-chairs, to the fact that Azerbaijan attacks, the MFA must warn that if this continues, we will have to counteract, and next, it must be announced that in case of one death the Armenian side will destroy the posts. These are actions that must be taken. Otherwise, we say we have Iskander rockets, and they are not afraid and continue to kill many. What are they going to do in that case, they are going to use the Iskander tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. If it is used, I agree but I know it will not be used, its lip service.

Mr. Baghdasaryan, will this eventually lead to a large-scale war? For example, Komandos says that there will not be a large scale war but we must have our eyes and ears wide open.

Yes, there will be no large-scale war but we must use it correctly. My opinion is that the Armenian side does not act correctly in any situation. Yes, our boys struck right, the subdivision acted right but the command must make a decision and destroy the emplacements that threaten our soldiers. Azerbaijan shells our state border, all the necessary statements must be made, all the necessary actions must be taken. Who is hindering us? This is a dignified posture, a dignified attitude to one’s own country, people. I am deeply convinced that eventually they will come to that, but it may be too late, we can’t linger, we can’t be late.