This Is the First Time Azerbaijan Adopted Strong Defense

  • Interview - 09 May 2016, 13:08
The first deputy minister of Armenia Davit Tonoyan had an interview with the Haykakan Zhamanak Newspaper and answered some questions that have been in the focus of the public recently. The answers of the deputy minister are very interesting.

Mr. Tonoyan, there is information that the Armenian Minister of Defense is again leaving for Moscow. Will he achieve success in regard to delivery of the weapons bought on the loan from Russia in Armenia? Can you also please tell the reason for delay according to you?

Information on the visits of the Armenian Minister of Defense is provided to the media appropriately.

As to the armament and military equipment acquired by Armenia within the framework of the interstate loan, there is no obstacle or complication here.

Moreover, work is being done to accelerate the shipments in the new situation, I mean faster than it has been planned under the contract. There are no obstacles. Our specialists are collaborating effectively with the Russian counterparts.

On these days, the issue of acquiring weapons from China is being discussed. Can they be an alternative to the Russian weapons?

This question is non-professional talk. In fact, acquisition of no kinds of defense equipment is expedient. The needs of the Armed Forces are based on the demand for specific capacity, such as means for destruction at N distance or N density. It is not important which country produces them. The principle is technical specification-quality-price, and the Armenian Ministry of Defense is considering all the possibilities.

The possibility that Azerbaijan will launch large-scale actions on May holiday. The reasoning is the accumulation of defense equipment and personnel at the front line. Do you think Azerbaijan will do it?

I can only confirm that the NKR Ministry of Defense is ready for any development, in any direction and at any moment. At least, for the first time over the past 20 years the Azerbaijani armed forces have shifted from rhetoric and threats to “strong defense”.

The full interview is available in the May 7 issue of the Haykakan Zhamanak Newspaper.