Artsakh Commander Calls Everyone to Mindfulness

  • Interview - 09 April 2016, 17:16
Interview with Vahan Badasyan, Chevalier of Combat Cross Medal

Mr. Badasyan, members of parliament, pop stars are visiting NKR on these days. What are your thoughts on their step? Is their support needed or was it a PR action?

During the previous war in the 1990s, we admired when someone came from Armenia. Then we learned a lesson, we know how many of them got the title of hero and became a bugbear for the people. Twenty years ago there were people who were photographed, who benefitted, who did not fight, who pilfered and so on. The same risks exist now. Now this is an exciting moment, and people came to Artsakh on our very bad days, the deadly days for the nation, during the fight for life and death,. But I, for example, feel disgust when pop stars come and take pictures, as if they don’t care about those who are at the front line, who are hungry all day because it is impossible to take them food in daylight, only during the night.

Besides, as a former commander, as a person who has gone through the furnace of war, as a former member of parliament, as a citizen who cares, I call on the authorities to keep in mind that Liska’s appearance in Karabakh should not be a warrant for him to continue to commit offenses in the future, to repent in front of the Armenian people, and not to come to Karabakh with General Manvel to make selfies and claim to 80% of the victory as they did last time, they should do real work instead. We must put everything in their right place. I want the authorities to learn a lesson that people, forgetting about injustice, stand up to save the nation, and everyone from president to minister must care about the army. If they say our weapons are made in the 1980s, they should not ride cars of 2015-2016, their cars can be from the 1980s but the weapons should be modern, this is a matter of our national security. And if I don’t speak up, others will not do. General Manvel or pop stars shouldn’t come to make a selfie in Artsakh, we need real work and real help. Our nation cannot win the war and support the fellows who have usurped the government at the same time.

Instead of making selfies in Artsakh, Liska should come and try to restore the posts that we lost in Horadiz because he had fled, and not make selfies and get a new mandate to commit crimes. Serzh Sargsyan should mind these things if he wants to remain president. Can you see that people are ahead of the government, instead of the government recruiting people and bringing them to the battlefield people volunteer, what else do you ask of people? If Serzh Sargsyan does not provide adequate governance, he must leave quietly. Today the president, the minister of defense Seiran Ohanyan must lend a hand. I am not saying everything because now, considering the situation, but all this is enough to know that I can say a lot of things. Seiran Ohanyan must lend a hand because if war starts, he can prevent it with our help. He must lend a hand and listen to our recommendations. And our recommendations are many and so useful that we would not without them. Let this be something like an open letter. Everyone must have their place. The society has become healthier on these days, and I don’t want the spongers and fake generals again get a mandate for further crimes.

You were on the front line on these days. Was our military equipment that old?

Yes, we are behind in terms of weapons because we have no money but there are things that money cannot buy, it takes brains. Today there is a lot of money in the world, the other things are scarce. If they don’t know where to get money from, they can ask me, and I will tell them where to take the money from, I know where they can get a lot of money, money is not a problem, the problem is the willingness.

Serzh Sargsyan has announced that Yerevan agrees to the stationing of peacekeeping forces in the area of the Karabakh conflict. Do you have concerns?

The stationing of peacekeepers in Karabakh will be the last treason of our government. We have peacekeeping forces, it is our own army, and we must take care of our army, strengthen it, cherish and protect it instead of sitting at 5 Bagrevand and steal from the army. We know all the thieves by name. This is the problem…