Either Afraid of Oligarch or...

  • Interview - 22 June 2012, 13:56

Arthur Sakunts, the head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office, commented on the crime committed in Harsnakar

Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan told in regard to revelation of the crime committed in Harsnakar that everything will be done to punish those guilty. Everyone condemns the incident. Will it enable a fair investigation?

The incident particularly attracted attention not because of the status of the sufferers but because of the cause, and I expected the law-enforcement bodies to be more rigid, fast and transparent. Unfortunately, the police made a statement only in the result of discussion on Facebook. Moreover, Ruben Hairapetyan spoke about the incident only two days ago, and he was surprisingly silent till then. I can’t understand Ruben Hairapetyan’s words that he will punish everyone. How will he punish? Does he continue the same behavior or can he perform a punitive function regarding the security staff of his family business, as he says? The Police statement notes that everyone is equal before law. Isn’t two or three days a long time for the police to realize that the principle of equality before law should be dominant? It means the delay was needed to understand how they should behave because the statements of the police and Ruben Hairapetyan occurred at the same time, which is evidence that not the legal evaluation of the issue is analyzed but the approach based on political expediency. In other words, people met and discussed and seeing the public reaction to what has happened they concluded that they had better make a statement.

Some people recalled the incident that happened to an innocent person involving the bodyguards of Levon Sargsyan. Is this the result of impunity?

Bodyguards of oligarchs perform punitive, assaulting, not security functions, and it does not matter whose bodyguards they are, Samvel Alexanyan’s, Ruben Hairapetyan’s or Gagik Tsarukyan’s. This behavior of theirs is clear impunity, their masters are unpunished, beyond the law, so they think they are like their masters, unpunished. There have been a number of cases of impunity, and now Ruben Hairapetyan announced that he did not give them orders, he has nothing to do with it, they had been instructed to act so in the beginning. Interestingly, Ruben Hairapetyan states had they know it was a major of the Ministry of Defense, they would not have done it. So, if there were other citizens, they could. Are they being selective…? From this point of view, I do not trust the statement of the police that they will do everything they can, the principle of equality will be observed, because the police announced before the elections that a headquarters is established which will combat crime but we witnessed mass reports of vote buying, and the headquarters did not report any preventive action. In other words, there was total inaction, and they reacted to reports only a few days after the elections, their first response to our report was on May 11. Besides, one of the sufferers says the assaulters were 15, whereas 7 have been arrested, where are the other 9? In order to account to the society they temporarily sacrifice these people, and I have no hope that all those responsible will be prosecuted. In other words, again deals and arrangements work, not the legal mechanisms.

In your opinion, why none of the parties, even the opposition parties made statements?

This is evidence that a wider scope is involved in these games, and both the opposition and the government have been mutated. Had this thing happened a year ago, condemnation would come, the absence of such a statement is the result of cohesion of these forces with the oligarchy. One cannot make other suggestions because if you remember Levon Zurabyan said show us a fact that the PA offered electoral bribes? This is a typical police statement, this is something like whitewashing, and either everyone is afraid of Ruben Hairapetyan or they cooperate with him. First of all, not separate representatives but the RPA must express their stance. The representatives of ARF who paid the bail to release those who organized the blast in the DIY club gave their political support to the culture of violence, and now resisting the culture of violence appears to be a surprise to them because the logic “he’s son of a bitch but our son of a bitch” does not allow an adequate assessment. I repeat this is a crime committed by the security guards of a member of parliament, a family business, as he say, and in a normal country he would have resigned, and the political party would have tried to keep him in a distance but now the persons who had been instructed to act will be scapegoats. The doctor’s life is endangered, and refraining from a political evaluation they are engaged in sophistry.

Meanwhile, the political opposition does not evaluate this incident because either it is afraid of Ruben Hairapetyan or they are good friends and don’t want to spoil their relations.

Violence defies limits, and this is the result of many years of impunity. However, public protest is univocal and condemning and will not fade away.

Ruben Hairapetyan did not apologize for the behavior of his employees or is he responsible for profit only…?