Energy Sector Will Be Liberalized: Deputy Minister

  • Business - 20 December 2017, 00:41
The power distribution network will be liberalized, and other companies will operate aside from the Electric Networks of Armenia, said the deputy minister of energy infrastructures and natural resources Haik Harutiunyan.

“This is a totally new legislative package which will soon be submitted to the parliament. There will be other companies aside from ENA,” Harutiunyan said.

The deputy minister added that Armenia objectively depends on Russia in the energy sector but it is not good.

“Any energy dependence is bad for the country. Our purpose is to strive for and achieve maximum independence in the energy sector,” he added.

With regards to investments in ENA by Tashir, Haik Harutiunyan said that the purpose of investments in ENA is to increase the reliability and security of the energy sector.

In answer to the question whether the investments will result in higher bills for households, he said: “We will do our best to prevent a negative impact of the investments on prices and compensate the investments on future savings.”